Low beta. what does this mean? others experience?


Hi. So i had my beta today after IVF transfer on 10/31. RE is out of the country but nurse said I had a “very low positive” of 7.8. i have to come back on 11/14 to see if beta increases. I emailed my RE (i go to single practioneer practice) for further explanation but wondering if people know what this means of have had very low betas and gone on to have successful pregnancies. Is it a chemical pregnancy? i have had no spoting and no pregnancy symptoms. Thank You!!!


:grouphug: I had a low beta with DD, but it was 45 on 9dp5dt. You are 11 days passed transfer. Honestly, I have to say that the chances of this one working out are slim. If it was a 3 day transfer that would be a little better. My first chemical pregnancy was 8 on 9dp5dt.

I am sorry you are going through this, and I hope that it works out for you.


i was a 3 day transfer but thinking low beta is chemical pregnancy. thanks for feedback. im going crazy over here wondering what this means!!


Anything is possible, but that is very low. I know it sucks having to wait for confirmation. Last time I had a solid number on my first beta, but my second one did not rise. We had to do a third to be sure. I remembered the weekend spent in limbo was not good. Hang in there. :grouphug:


With my first IVF, my first beta was 8.5, second 26.2, third was 60 and fourth was 265. Everything was perfect- I heard the heartbeat and everything but just before 8 weeks, I had a missed miscarriage. My doctor thinks it was due to my endo though. There are a few gals on here that started with low betas but ended up with cute babies in the end- one of them is Shana, you will find her if you search. I know the possibility is slim, but I say don’t give up hope. Good luck!


I had Low beta…8dp3dt =7

I’m now 31 weeks pregnant with baby boy. Whats important is the number should double. Late implant could cause low beta #s.

Good luck!


@ Faithiswhatmatters… thank you for your response. I’m trying to cling to stories of people with single betas that went on to have viable pregnancies… I know this might not be the norm. I’m prepared for bad news and silently praying it’s good news.

We transfered a 4 cell embryo that only started to divide 2 days after retrievel… do you think a 4 cell would be a late implanter or any cell embryo can be late implanter?