low dose og hcg during stim


Hi my friends,

I am on micro dose lupron protocol.
I am on 450 units Gonal f ,20 units am and pm diluted lupron,and from today (3 day of stimulation)low dose of hcg(diluted novarel).
Can you tell me why I have to take low dose of hcg?
thank you

[FONT=&quot]Me-Vesna(32)-no problem[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Dh-Toni (32)-low sperm count[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jun,2[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] - blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound[B](10 antral follicules count)[/B][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] -Start with BCP[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jun,11[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] – [B]HSN[/B](everything is perfect)[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]June,22[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot]- start lupron 10 unit[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,07[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB;[/B]lupron 20 units [/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,09[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood test B[/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,10[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -start stimulation: [B][U]Lupron(5unit), Menopur(75), GonalF(150)[/U][/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,14[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound [B][U]day 5[/U][/B] [B](total 10 follies R=2-14; 13; 2-11; 9 L= 2-9; 7; 5)[/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,16[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound [B][U]day7[/U][/B] [B](total 10 follies R=2-17; 15; 13; 2-11 L=2-11;2-9)[/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,18[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot] -blood testB,[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=&quot] -[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]ultrasound [B][U]day 9[/U][/B] [B](total 13 follies R=22; 2-19;18; 16; 15; 14;2-12; 10; 8 ;2-7) [/B] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] - [B][U]9:00 p.m TRIGGER [/U][/B][/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,20[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot]-[B] ER[/B] ,4 EGGS=3(mature),3 ICSI=3 FERTILIZED (100%fertilized)[/FONT]
[U][FONT=&quot]Jul,23[/FONT][/U][FONT=&quot]- [B]ET[/B](transferred 2 eggs ,1 made to blast,but quality is not good enough for freezing),[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] Quality before transfer [B][U]ALL 3 EGGS=4 GRADE ,8 CELL[/U][/B][/FONT]

[B][U]Second ivf[/U][/B]

17 antral follicle count
diluted lupron 20 units twice daily from 11-19-2010
ovarian stimulation Gonal f 450 units,2 days 375 units
11-24 ultrasound