Low estrogen at stim day 5, still a chance?


Hi all, I’m opening this up to everyone and hoping to hear some honest not sugar coated replies. I am doing my first ivf cycle. I had a afc of 16 on the 4th things looked good on u/S so I started 150 of bravelle and 150 of menopur that day. Today, stim day 5 my estrogen is only 105. So tgey are increasing me to 375 of bravelle and 150 of menopur. I will have an u/s wed and a estrogen level drawn. I asked if I could have been over suppressed and she said it is likely that I just need more meds. I got the impression she was sugar coating things. So what do you think? Anyone experience this? I am wondering about the quality of the eggs I will make because of the slow start and if I will be cancelled.


Its a posibility BUT each person responds to the meds DIFFERENTLY so it jus might be that u are a SLOW RESPONDER n they actually need to up your dosage I will keep u in my prayers for your BFP


Thanks for the reply, I’m jealous of your estrogen level. Sigh I guess time will tell but I hope there is something there wed. I am such an ivf newbie, what estrogen level do you want to get to?


Awww everything will wrk in your favor when I initially started out I didnt thunk stims was working after 4 days it was 515 and after 6 days it tripled to 1800 im at HIGH RISK FOR OHSS which sucks I wanted to get at least to 2700 by TRIGGER but I go bak tomorrow nd plus I only have 10 follicles…but one thing I learned us dont compare your levels with any other person because not 1 person is the same ive met alot of woman who e2 levels were ALOT LOWER THAN MINES ND THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL I INITIALLY THOUGHT NINE WAS TOOOO HIGH but they will dramatically increase how much you bet when you go back your numbers would have increased alot


My first cycle had perfect rises in the numbers and follicle sizes and a good number of mature eggs on retrieval. Unfortunately, the egg quality was terrible.

My second cycle, my numbers rose the first 6 days then crashed for no good reason. We tried to “save” them, but our doc cancelled our cycle because he felt that in our case…5 follicles was not likely to yield 5 eggs worthy of embryo growth.

I would be worried, to say the least. Some women are slow to stimulate, but I would definitely see how the next few days go before giving up.

Best wishes that your numbers grow like crazy and that this cycle goes well!


I was slow to respond. I was on very high doses of meds and after 13 days of stims my Estrogen level finally made it to 1200. We retrieved 7 eggs, 5 fert.,transferred 2, and all that worry resulted in one perfect baby girl!!

Good Luck!


Thanks for the repies! For those that started low how much did they up your meds?


I started off really slow, too. At stim day 3, my E2 was 55, so it probably wasn’t much higher than your on day 5. I was convinced that I’d have to cancel my cycle. My RE didn’t increase my meds, just planned to stim a few days longer than we thought. I was on 150 Menopur and 150 Bravelle for the duration of the cycle. Everything worked out really well, and I’m pg with twins. Don’t lose hope. We’re just slow starters!


My first cycle I did lupron and I didn’t respond well to meds. they increased of the 10 days, but according to my RE it is always best to start strong. Of could you can’t know the first time how strong you need. First time I did 3 vials Bravelle and 2 Menopur. This time 5 Bravelle 2 Menopur… Hoping it works for you…
To answer your estrogen level question I’m going my 2nd IVF now and RE had me start estrogen on day 5 follow up on stims…