Low fertilization


This is DE cycle number 3 for us. Last cycle the donor ovulated early and we only retrieved 10 eggs, there was only one ‘not quite a blast’ transferred on day 5 which was a bfn.

Against our clinics wishes, we used the same donor again (she is proven and we really do want to use her.) They changed the protocol and retrieved 36 eggs yesterday. We were very happy until we got the call today that only 4 fertilized! They said that they would check again on them later today as there were many immature ones (I expected that) and that some may fertilize. But…how does that even happen? We have no known male factor that we know of (DH was tested last cycle, which was only 6 months ago.) They did not use Icsi, as we had so many eggs and we have not really needed it.

I know there is still hope with 4 embryos. But, as you can see in my signature, I have been around the block with ivf enough times to be too optimistic.

Anyone know what the issue is with such low fertilization? Could too many eggs have been immature or could there be a new issue with DH? We are cycling at a well known clinic for donor eggs in Portland.

UGH…sorry… I never post…but I had to vent as we are keeping this whole process a secret and I have no one to talk too…


My dh’ssemen analysis looked good on paper, but the embryos he made were crappy. Our last cycle, second donor, we fertilized with donor and dh’s. We got 4 blasts using the donor sperm, one being our dd, with two on Iceland none with dh’s.what tests have they run?iwould strongly suspect a sperm problem.did they use icsi last time. You only had three then also. I would see if there are any additional sperm test or split using donor sperm, that will probably give you answers also. Sorry! I will still keep my fingers crossed for the four you have.

*****Or your donor might ethe problem. I didn’t realize you didn’t complete your first donor cycle, I thought this was your third complete. So you only know with this donor. How proven is she? What’s her track record. Maybe her eggs and dh’s sperm are somehow incompatible.

Just some thoughts.


In my opinion, they should have done a rescue ICSI on the eggs that were mature and yes, there could be a sperm or egg issue. I personally would use a different donor and consider donor sperm for 1/2. My babies are donor egg and at least one if not both are donor sperm. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the results are oh so sweet!

I’m sorry you have had such a rough time…:grouphug:


Thank you ladies. My RE called late today and in retrospect they should have done icsi. However, he only has my records for my previous 4 cycles with my oe in Seattle, In which we had no issues with fertilization, just bad old eggs. What he did not know was that we did use Icsi when we had success with DD.

I thought on it a bit after my RE called and sent an email off to find out if we could rescue icsi (DH would be willing to drop everything and go back in) or if they freeze eggs for later fertilization. You hear of younger women doing that for future use.

Yes, I think that ds will be a tough pill to swallow for dh, but de was not an issue for me, I was SO ready to move on. Hopefully we will have some luck with these 4. I guess you really never know.

The stats on for the donors two previous donations were great. Pregnancies and several frosties for both couples. We are the only ones who have had issues! DH is thinking that we should change clinics, but we actually are at a good one and I hate to start all over at another one…

Thanks for letting me vent.