Low first beta- dr doesn't test progesterone?


I duplicated my posting. I didnt realize the first went theu. Sorry- I don’t see where I can delete the entire thread.

Hi everyone. Hoping someone can help as I am somewhat stressing over my situation. 1st ivf with Icsi cycle was a positive for pregnant. 16dpo (13dp3dt) I had a beta of 64. Nurse said they were cautiously optimistic, but concerned because it was under 100.

I bled bright red blood with AF type cramps with really no clotting on days 9,10,11 past 3dt. Nothing on Sunday and a few drops of blood yesterday morning.

I asked if they check progesterone and the nurse said:
We do not test progesterone levels, it is not necessary as we are supplementing nature with the Crinone.

I am doing Crinone 1xday in the morning. I had two embryos put back, so wondering if the bleeding could have been one expelling, or because of low progesterone support. Of course, I’m so nervous and am waiting for my second beta tomorrow. (Which we won’t get the results of until Thursday, since its not included in my cycle.)

Any thoughts? Do you all think this may still be viable?

To make matters worse, my best friend who never wanted children is delivering her first son today. Trying to be happy, but overwhelmed.