Low first beta HCG


Today is 10dp3dt and I had my first beta drawn and it came back at 12. I’m looking for other IVFers who had successful outcomes with such a low beta. It’s more for a peace of mind that my little jelly bean may be a late implanter and they could still make it. I thought for sure my beta would be zero today due to multiple HPT coming up negative, however now looking at the number, I know why it was never showing up!!! Thanks!



Hi Anastasia-
Dont lose hope yet. See my sig, I was in beta hell also. You very well could have had a late implanter. I really believe thats what happened with me. I was so upset and there was nothing I could do but wait it out and get the beta checked every few days. The next few beta #'s will tell the tale. Wishing you lots of luck :babydust: :bsv: :bsv:
Pls keep us updated!


Anastasia - When I was obsessively doing my googling the past few days, there were TONS of low Beta starters that went on to very successful live births. There was also one site where a doctor answers a lot of IVF questions about Betas. He always gave the same answer…it’s all about the doubling. As long as it doubles, he seemed to think it’s a good sign even if the initial number was very low. I’m sure there is a thread around here just for this very thing. You’ll be able to read lots of success stories, I’m sure.

Rooting for you! :slight_smile:

P.S. I just read a post where a woman got a Beta of 26 at 9dp5dt…that would be one day later than when you tested yesterday at 10dp3dt, right? So, essentially you are right on target with her, and she’s now 15 weeks pregnant. Yay!