Low First Beta Success Stories


Okay, I am feeling confused! My beta was on Sunday, 11/20. I took a HPT that morning and got a faint :bfp: . However, my beta is a 4. Technically I am not pregnant, but I am just wondering if there is anyone out there that had a very low first beta and went on to have a successful pregnancy. Would love to hear your story! I am not holding out tons of hope, and am prepard to do an FET in 6 weeks, but until I see :af:, I will continue to :pray: and stay positive about this cycle!


I just wanted to wish you good luck, but I do not have a success story for you. I just had my first beta today and it was 12, so I am in the same boat as you. The nurse told me that they have had women with low betas go on to have babies, but that it is very rare. I have to go back on Wednesday for another beta, but am not holding out much hope.


Hi Girls,
I just went through the same crisis last week, I’m so sorry your living this as well. My beta was 19, and only rose to 21.9 So no success story here. BUT I did have a few girls write and tell me they were successful, one was just a 7! So try and hang in there and pray those numbers climb, but protect your heart at the same time ok. :grouphug:

A few threads I had going last week show some of the information I received back, maybe some of the posts will help you.




low betas

Hey there. I posted a thread on low betas recently because I was dealing with a similar situation. Mine started out a little bit higher than yours (26) but still not as high as a lot of first betas. Then my second beta two days later (38) wasn’t even close to doubling. The nurse told me it would be a chemical pregnancy. But they continued to monitor me and four days later the beta had continued to go up (143) though still slowly. A week after that it was over 3,000. So, it was a low slow start but at least at this point (about 7 weeks) all seems well. Best of luck to you. I hope your BFP is just off to a slow start as well.


I don’t have a personal success story, but you should always remember that your beta needs to start somewhere! I’ve always heard that its not the initial number that’s important, it’s the doubling time. And to go a step further, every woman is different and the guidelines for “normal” are just that… Guidelines. Just because it’s not “ideal” doesn’t mean that it’s bad… There is always hope!!!
Good luck over the next few weeks. I hope your beta climbs and you go on to a happy and healthy baby!