Low First BETA



I had my first BETA today at (9dp5dt) and it was 42. The nurse said it’s on the lower end. I am going back on Monday for another BETA. I know it’s all in the doubling that counts. However, I still feel kind of sad. Is there hope with this low number?



There have been loads of successful pregnancys with betas starting off slow / low. What is most important is how it rises. Mine was 38 at 9dp5dt - and I’m 26 weeks today. Good luck mama!


Sorry you’re feeling sad. Just keep praying that the number will double. There are many success stories with betas even lower than yours. Until Monday, try not think about this and enjoy time with your hubby, it is really out of your control at this point.


my first ivf was a beta of 45 at 9dp5dt. At 13dp5dt, it was 46. She is bossing me around right now. All beta’s start somewhere. good luck!


Mine was 154 @ 15dp3dt would have been around 35 at UR point this pregnancy it was 69 @ 11dp5dt they aren’t always right !


Thank You

Thank you all for your replies. It is comforting to hear stories of women who have had similar starting BETAs and continued with a pregnancy. This is all so worrisome. Will I ever be able to sit back and just enjoy being pregnant?


Good Luck Stillpraying :cross: :bsv: