Low HCG Level


I am 9 days post 5 day ET… My HCG level is 10… Is there any hope? Has anyone ever had a low HCG level that ended up being a viable pregnancy? Please give me some hope?


I’ve seen two that were about that level make it to live birth. But that’s two out of many.


low beta

My first pregancy started with a very low beta also. It was only a 14 and it turned into a very healthy and normal pregnancy. It can DEFINATELY happen. I wish you all the luck and I will be thinking about you.:pray:


Mine wasn’t quite that low, but it was low at 21. I have a beautiful, healthy little boy who’s now almost 3. :slight_smile: Prayers to you that it was just a late implanter!!!


1st pregnancy Ectopic 2nd pregnancy on my 3rd beta low numbers

Hi everyone I just want to talk to someone regarding my process on conceiving. I’m on fertility treatment. Last year I did get pregnant but came out to be an Ectopic had to have surgery dr. Remove my left tube. After 1 year I’m trying again after ovulation Im 3 wks pregnant but my
1st Beta HCG was: 15
2nd Beta HCG was: 40 yeeeeii!!
But 3rd Beta HCG: 41.75

I’m worried that I would have another ectopic I wouldn’t want my right tube remove also. Today is Wed. On Sunday will be my 4th beta hcg blood test I’m just hoping this time gets higher. I have a question is there anything that will rise my HCG numbers?


Here is a webpage that has charts of HcG levels.
Early Pregnancy HCG Levels and Ultrasound Pictures

Good luck!



my 9 day post ET hcg level is 17. I go for 2nd beta tomorrow. keeping my fingers crossed.

The replies here have given me a lot of hope. I am very greatful.



My beta with DD was only 13.5 at 12dpo…and now she is a screaming, pooping, bundle of joy:) Good luck, I know how it is to agonize over those numbers.



beta 2 is 58

beta 1 was 17