Hi. I am on my 6th IUI, I have had 2 positive pregnancies and then 2 miscarriages. I had my beta test yesterday and had a low positive (with 6.5). I also started (what I believe is) my period yesterday as well. I am wondering if that means it was a chemica pregnacy, or if there is still hope that this could turn out to be a successful pregnancy? I have to go back in for another blood test tomorrow, but I don’t know what to be prepared for, good news or bad? :pray:


Well, of course, it’s really impossible to know. All pregnancies had an HCG level of 6.5 at one point; it’s possible that’s just when you happened to measure yours. Of course, it could also be that you managed to catch the tail end of a chemical and that’s what you’re seeing. I certainly hope that this is your month! Also, so many women on here can tell you that they had period-like bleeding and were sure that AF had arrived, but it was not actually a period. I’d ask for another test in two days. If it’s still positive, they can look at the doubling time and see if it looks promising.


If you are doing iui, your beta can also register when you are using certain meds. Did you use a trigger shot? Those shots can take almost the 2ww to come out of your system. You must have great pregnancy tests to trigger at a level of 6.5. I think a lot of them register at over a beta of 20 or 25 for even a light line on the test. Hopefully all goes well for you! Good luck!


Need help too. If anyone out there has answers.
I had my transfer on 24th June, and Beta test today. It was positive but only 25.6
So, today is 11 days post transfer of 4 day embryo…

They said very likely it’s not viable. Anyone else have anything like this?