Low levels?


I did bloodwork on 5-1-13, my progesterone was 5.0, Estradiol was 118 and Beta was 13. My RE said those numbers were at the low end of normal and there’s a 50/50 chance I could miscarry. He started me on Progesterone. Went in for more bloodwork on 5-3-13, Progesterone is 15.2, Estradiol is 120, Beta is 47. Re started me on Estradiol. I did more bloodwork yesterday and I’m still waiting to hear the results. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with low numbers like this?


I don’t know about the progesterone and estradiol levels, they didn’t test those for me… but those do seem low.

Your beta is low, but more than tripled in two days. That’s a good sign. A lot of people say the doubling time matters more than the starting number. That said, mine started at 25 and I got the same concerns from the nurses at my clinic. My first ultrasound is tomorrow, and I clearly haven’t miscarried yet…

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