Low Morph and Poor Assay


Hello! This is my first time here. I hope you’re all doing well.

Our history-

We’ve been ttc for almost five years. I have pcos and endo. He’s been diagnosed with low morph (2-4% on his analyses) and his sperm penetration assay (where they took his sperm to see how many could penetrate hamster eggs and only 3% did. His count is mediocre, his motility is really good, but we are dealing with his low morph. I know it’s not impossible to conceive with this, but do any of you have experience with this situation?

I have heard some RE’s think poor morph is nothing to worry about and assay results aren’t always reliable because it doesn’t accurately show that the sperm can’t penetrate human eggs.

Obviously, our best chance at pregnancy is IVF with ICSI. It’s highly doubtful we will do this on our own. (Our clinic is giving away one free IVF cycle to five different couples as part of their 25 year anniversary. Awesome, huh? We applied for it.)

Anyway, I am just looking for someone that may have some insight on this situation. Both of us come from fertile families.


Sounds like IVF with ICSI is going to give you your best chance. good luck .


same probs

we have similar issues… we did ivf with icsi and had success.


Low Morph

Well, I’ve been told mixed messages about low morph and it’s impact. My DH has a count of 200m, 75% mot, but only 6% morphology. He went to a urologist, who seemed to think that morph wasn’t a big factor. But then my fertility doctor said it was a factor at 6% and that IUI would probably help, in that it would allow many more spermies to get access to the egg. I have a natural 10 day lutal phase, so I thought that might be it, but the doc said she thought it was more him. Or a combination of the two. Anyway… On clomid, CF has been a major issue, so I hope that the IUI gets us to BFP. :cross: But we’ll see!


my DH has low morph, low motilty and low count. we did IUI with clomid and got pregnant on the first try. of course, my little girl didn’t stay due to chromosome abnormality. i don’t know if they are linked, but it seems that they would be. ICSI is probably the best bet if you can afford it. they are able to pick out the best sperms for you


Abnormal morphology…Is IVF w/ ICSI our only option?

Hi, I’m new to this forum, but decided to post because it seems like other couples on here have similar issues and perhaps could shed some light on our situation. My DH and I have been actively TTC for nearly 2 years. I was fully worked up and there was nothing wrong with me. He had a SA and the numbers were not great. His count was in the low normal range (20 mil), his motility was poor, and his morphology was only 1%. We are seeing fertility specialists and are basically being told that we can try several cycles of IUI but we will most likely have to resort to IVF w/ ICSI. Obviously, we would prefer to conceive without IVF because of the financial, time, and emotional stressors involved. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to improve sperm morphology? A urologist mentionned to my DH that sperm “generations” cycle every 3 months… could this just be a bad batch? We are trying to be hopeful but also realistic. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice?

I feel for everyone on here who is struggling with infertility. It has been such an emotional rollercoaster so far in our journey. I’m happy to have found this site to connect with others in similar situations.