Low Ovarian Supply, feeling sad, need an IVF Friend


So, this is my first try at IVF/ICSI. I had my first ER this past Saturday. I was told up front that i had a low ovarian supply, but I guess i hoped the “low” was on the higher side. With that said, I only had 3 eggs retrieved. I am so new at this, and im not even familiar with all of the terminology yet. I do know that i was doing shots of low dose hCG and Follistom 450. All 3 were fertilized and im waiting to hear this Friday if they all made it. I will be doing Embryo banking to increase my chances at time of transfer. Was wondering if anyone out there has had similiar experience. Thanks, you can also email me at [email protected]. I dont know ANYONE at all i can talk to that has gone through this.



Hi Friend!!

Welcome to the IVF journey…stay positive. I know its scary and sad at time…but the fact that all 3 fertilized it amazing. There are women that have 18 eggs and none fertilize. I understand what you are going thru…I too have a DOR or diminished ovarian reserve…see my siggy. Feel free to check out my blog…I really need to update it…lol! Sending :babydust: your way…god bless … My Journey For Baby


I only had 3 eggs fertilized, and it resulted in a positive. Things never look promising for me, and I have come to the conclusion that this journey will be stressful the whole time. There are many wonderful women on this board, and you’ve taken the first step by reaching out. Glad you came here, and best of luck!!


I had et today. I had 5 mature eggs but only 1 fertilized. I transferred one 6 cell grade a- embie today. I am hopeful.

See my sig below. I had success before with only a few embies.