Low Sperm & birth defects


Questions for couples who have had a successful live birth after using IVF with ICSI for MFI.

After trying unsuccessfully for 8 months my doctor sent DH for a SA. It was not good. Less than 5 million only 5% motility. We were recommended IVF with ICSI as our only option. First SA was in January of 2013. DH donated his sperm for banking as a back up just in case things go wrong on the day of my ER and his analysis was only 800,000 with 17% motility. How could it have gone down so much in a few short months?? We are not sure what is causing his low count. He has no insurance for infertility and we cannot afford to have him tested for all sorts of things and do the IVF. He has a history of prostititus, gluten allergy, IBS, Hypothyroid and anxiety. He has been gluten free for eight months, his thyroid has been under control for about the same amount of time, anxiety has been low and his prositititis was in January of 2012. Shouldn’t his number be going up???
My main question is do any of you know if the risk of birth defects is higher when sperm isn’t motile? What if they have to use a non-motile one? Does having a low sperm count and motility increase chances that something will be wrong with the baby? There seems to be no data on this anywhere at least that I can find.

I’m very nervous and thinking maybe we should have gone with Donor sperm, but we really don’t want to do that on our first try. Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated.