Low T


Does Low Testosterone affect fertility?


I had low T and low sperm count for a long time. Went on HCG for T levels. T levels increased dramatically and I was feeling good. However, sperm remained the same.

After 3 months on HMG my sperm count went super high. I then added testosterone shots to the mix (Even though the doctor disagreed to some extent with my logic) and the count dropped dramatically enough that I went off T injections. Now I’m back to normal.

I don’t know if that helps at all.


Hi, do you mind if I ask how low your counts were? i was on T injections for about 6 months and I had a zero count twice. My last one showed some sperm nut not much. Also my T level is still really low. My endo suggested hcg for the low T. Whats HMG?


Low testosterone does cause low sperm count. My DH was put on Clomid for 3 months, it didn’t help him because of obstruction but it does help many men that have some sperm just not enough.–good luck


[QUOTE=Masleon]Does Low Testosterone affect fertility?[/QUOTE]
My DH had low testosterone. His doctor put him on clomid and after 3 months it increased all sperm numbers by 3 or 4x. We are doing IUI soon so we’ll see if it helps us get pregnant :slight_smile: