Lupron and Endo


Hi Everyone,

We just did a FET that resulted in a BFN. We are condiering moving onto doing the long lupron protocol followed with IVF and I am just wondering if anyone could share some thoughts and/or success around doing a 3rd cycle with severe endo. My RE said that sometimes it does take up to 3 cycles…just feeling slightly discouraged.


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Did your RE suggest removing the Endo? [/SIZE][/FONT]


I have never done it but my RE has. He shared this story with me after I had 3 chemical pregnancies and to give me ideas on what to do next. He and his wife were trying to get a baby with 5 IVF, all fresh. He said prior to the successful cycle, they had 9 embryos transferred on day 3 in one of the cycles that failed. None implanted. In the cycle that they had success, they just did crap and shoot (coz they’ve tried everything) and put her on depo lupron for 3 months coz she had severe endo and that cycle worked. They have a child from the 5th IVF.


webelieve: I have had 2 lap surgeries to remove the Endo in which I won’t do again. After each surgery the endo comes back a stage worse. My RE is saying the only way at this point is through lupron…but it’s just all a little scary and stressful:)

alex: thank you for sharing your story! I am thinking most likely we will proceed with the next cycle and give it absolutely everything we have, 6 months of Lupron, DHEA, and accupuncture. Here is hoping that a little miracle will be sent our way!

Best of luck ladies:)