Lupron made in India (Sun Pharma/Caraco) safe?


Hello everyone,

I am gearing up for my 2nd fresh cycle (after a m/c from my 1st fresh, 3 failed frozen cycles - the last ending with a chemical :(). This time around, the pharmacy changed to a different manufacturer for the Leuprolide Acetate.

The new company is Sun Pharma; the drug is made in India but distributed by Caraco (Detroit, MI). I did a quick search online and discovered that the company has recently received at least two warnings from the FDA for violations in manufacturing practices in their US locations. Lupron was not among the drugs listed, but still, I am worried. I also read a lot of scary articles about lack of oversight and regulation overseas, particularly in China and India.

Has anyone used Sun Pharma’s Lupron kit? Did you have any issues? In the past, I believe I used Sandoz. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! I don’t want to be overly paranoid but at the same time, I am concerned. Thank you!


I just checked and the lupron I use is also by sun pharma. Never occured to me, to check these things. Will wait to see responses


I tried calling the pharmacy, but they were not very helpful. They told me that they hadn’t received any complaints from patients since switching vendors… but it has only been <3 months since they switched over.

It looks like you’ve been on it for over a week now. If you’ve been responding well and haven’t experienced any abnormal adverse effects, I’m thinking it’s probably fine. Those warnings the company received from the FDA just made me nervous. It’s just that there is so much riding on these cycles, and we are pumping so much stuff into our bodies…