Lupron Questions


My RE is changing my protocol next cycle and and is prescribing bc pills, Lupron then my ususal combo of bravelle/menopur. I know I’ve read some bad things about Lupron on this site. Can anybody give me any feedback on your experience? And if there are alternate drugs that do the same thing… any comments would be greatly appreciated!!


Just trying to bump this back up so hopefully I’ll get an answer.


I have been on Lupron for two cycles without any side effects or symptoms. I know there is some SCARY stuff out there on Lupron but like I said I didn’t have any issues. Good luck!


I did my IVF cycle using Lupron/BCP/Menopur & Gonal-F. When I initially started, I did a week and a half of Lupron, and the only thing I noticed was the hot flashes. They came on right around the time of injection, but did subside rather quickly…

However, truly, I didn’t have any complaints.


its really going to depend on how your body reacts to the drug…

for me, i’ve been on lupron depot for my endo - put me on menopause and gave me hotflashes

ive been on long lupron for one of my ivf cycles and that didnt work well for me… it flared up my endo and that cycle ended early. then ive been on short lupron and that worked much better… so all that to reiterate its going to depend on how your body responds.

best of luck to you