Lupron rather than BCP?


Hi all!

My Doc suggested that I go on either BCPs or Lupron injections the month before we begin IVF so they can coordinate the day of ER with a surgery my husband has to have the day prior to ER. I’m leaning towards Lupron injections but wanted to hear from others for advice / suggestions / side effect info. Thanks for your help :smiley:

My DH and I hope to begin our first IVF cycle in Jan 2012.


Everyone responds differently. Lupron is injectible, of course, and more expensive, and some women have some pretty bad mood swings, headaches, etc on it. BCPs are oral, less expensive, but some women have the same negative side effects. Then there’s how it works for you - my body suppressed fine on BCPs but once the BCPs were done and the Lupron had to take over for suppression my follicles would actually start growing. I guess I’d say if you’ve tried BCPs before and had side effects, Lupron might be better. Otherwise, it’s probably a toss-up.

Good luck!


I always start with Lupron CD21. Besides being a crying mess at times when on it…it’s fine. I have not had any real issues with it. GL!!


My 1st IVF I was on Lupron for the same reason as you. My dh needed a TESA and his urologist was going to be out of town, so I was Lupron longer than most (about 3 weeks total) so they could plan my schedule. I had no side effects.

My 2nd IVF I was on bcp but never got a period when it stopped, so I had to wait another full cycle until my period my came. They were going to start my anyway since my lining was still thin but because I didn’t bleed my e2 level was too high. Everything was fine after my period finally came. Again, no side effects.

I know everyone is different in their response to the different protocols but #2 was much better for me (17 mature eggs vs 8 on Lupron). Plus doing the antagonist protocol it went by much quicker since you start with the stims than add in the ganirelix. Both protocols are very common, and you don’t really know until you try it. Depending how long they plan to keep you on it the Lupron may be quicker for you.

Good luck!


Everyone does respond differently, but I want to share that I’ve been on Lupron now for 10 days and started today with serious side effects (rarely occurring I hear) such as my left arm & hand is tingling, and I have severe bone pain…these symptoms I’m told are dangerous…my dr has taken me off the Lupron effective immediately…just thought you may want to hear my experience…which doesn’t mean you’d have the same issues of course.