Lupron & Weight Gain?


Hey Ladies!!
So I am on day 5 of 20 units of LUPRON and since Sunday I have gained 10lbs!! but the thing is, I have barely ate anything and I am walking 3.5 miles a day.

I worked so hard and losing all the weight I needed too and now seeing 10lbs back on the scale in less then a week I am starting to get alarmed…is this normal???

Is this weight going to have to be worked off, or will it go away after IVF??

anyone have this??

Thank you!!


I gained around 14lbs during my IVF cycle and it has yet to go away and I look about 5-6 months pregnant and am only 13 weeks. I think if the cycle does not work for you, you should lose it fairly quickly as they say it is just bloating and your ovaries are swollen. If you get pregnant (which is what we need to hope for) you will have to deal with it. But if you continue on your current exercise regiment and eat a balanced diet for you and the baby, you should be fine. Although I am getting bigger, my weight is staying the same. That leads me to believe that as the bloat goes away, I am gaining the proper amount of weight that I need to for a healthy pregnancy.

I have to remind myself everyday that it is all worth it and to just be happy that I bypassed the “is she fat or is she pregnant stage”. I popped right around 9 weeks and there is no denying I am pregnant and not just a donut hog.

Good luck to you…keep your head up and just work towards a healthy stim cycle and a happy and healthy 9 months!!


your in a great group of people, I too have gained weight when I was on BCP’s and Lupron. I gained 15lbs in 3 weeks. I have been watching my weight very closely now and I too exercise (about 3-4 times a week).

My office said it happens with some women and I should naturally lose it about a month after the ER. I am freezing all my eggs at day 5 so I won’t be doing a fresh transfer.

Good luck!