Major time Crunch


[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello All…I am 26 years old and have been TTC for 10 years now, Dh is perfect. My time crunch began on 11/22/10 when I was told that my employer would be dropping coverage as of 01/01/11 during my initial consultation. Long story short, initial consult on 11/22/10, married 11/27/10, orientation 12/02/10. Told my cycle would be cancelled if I did not get my period by 12/06 due to the office closing during the holiday season. 12/06/10 consult with 2nd RE, went well. 12/07/10, informed my cycle had been cancelled. 12/08/10 initial consult with 3rd RE…yikes. Basically, our last hope of becoming parents will be over by the end of this month…if that doesn’t say STRESSED OUT, then I don’t know what is. These last two weeks have been nothing but worrying and tears non stop. This is my only opportunity, we can’t afford to pay out of pocket or even finance at this point. We were due to be wed in Feb 11 and had to elope just to have the services covered. Please :pray: for me, that everyting will go well and my one and only chance will have a :bfp: . Is anyone else going through anything close to this? I could really use a friend right now, especially since no one in our family knows that we are going through this or even married![/FONT][/B]