make sure you get your progesterone checked...


hi gals- i just wanted to put this out there…i have been on and off the infertility roller coaster for several years and it was only recently that my doc discovered my luteal phase defect. taking progesterone after ovulation has made a huge difference for me. it ensures that your luteal phase will be long enough to allow implantation to occur. without my progesterone supplement, i was starting AF 9-11 days post ovulation and now i don’t start it until a BFN is confirmed by blood and i stop the supplementation. your body should produce naturally, but MANY MANY MANY women don’t have adequate levels and will never conceive unless it is addressed.

please consider this…

good luck to all-a-


I second this! I went through all 6 of my IUI’s and IVF before my luteal phase defect was diagnosed by a second RE. Two months later I conceived naturally :slight_smile:


Did you use natural progesterone cream or Prometrium?


I take prometrium for 13 days for luteal phase defect.


I used progesterone in oil during my IVF and still got AF 5 or 6 days after ET. I also reacted badly to it and had a weird rash on my lower back for weeks after I stopped it.

When doctors started figuring out there was a problem (the IUI after my IVF) I used crinone 8% gel. That IUI was a bfn but AF stayed away the full 2ww. It was also crinone 8% that I was on when DH and I conceived naturally in May. Hope that helps!


i use progesterone trochies…they are these little gummy losenges that i have mixed at a local compounding pharmacy. they dissolve in my mouth after about 10 minutes. i have them flavored with whatever flavor sounds good that month. way easier than shots or suppositories!!! -a