March 2014 FET


It looks like my next transfer won’t be until March so I figured I would go ahead and start a post. I am currently waiting for my hysteroscopy and cervix dilation on January 20th. Following that I will wait for my AF (which I expect around the beginning of February) and do two weeks of birth control. Then FET three weeks later. So I don’t have an official schedule yet but it’s looking like it will be around the first or second week of March if everything goes as planned. Let the countdown begin.


Hey lilminime. I will be doing a fet in March also. A little bit about me (since I can’t get the signature to work) I did two years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. In September 2011, I did a fresh ivf cycle and got pregnant with twins. I have b/b frat twins. In November 2013, I did single fet. It worked but I m/c @ 5w2d. So this will be fet #2. I look forward to getting to know everyone who joins and sharing in your journeys.


Hi! I am planning an FET for March as well. I haven’t been on here in a while, so I don’t know if siggy will show up or not. I can’t even figure out how to edit it! :slight_smile: We have done one fresh cycle and got our first son and one FET in Feb 2012 and got a second son. We have 2 frozen embryos and are currently trying to decide whether or not to use both of them. Decisions. We have used 2 with each of our other cycles.


Welcome Hoping and Lady. Glad you joined in. Now I’m not alone. :slight_smile: Hoping sorry to hear about your m/c they are really hard. I pray that your next little one sticks. Lady, I would say if two is what has been working for you to go for it. I do understand wanting to keep one left. I have 5 right now. I am actually thinking of trying to push for 3 to be transferred. I don’t think they are the best quality and two doesn’t seem to be working so I kind of want to up the ante but with my age they are usually hesitant to give me more than 2 because I’m considered young. It makes me crazy when they say you’re young you have time. That doesn’t make me want a baby any less.


We are definitely leaning towards using them both. I was supposed to get my fert report today as well as our game plan but haven’t heard from RE yet. The reason we are questioning one or 2 is my clinic told me they have started doing endometrial biopsy before the procedure and I have read this greatly increases the success rates so we have been milling it over and thinking maybe ones enough if the success is much greater. I plan to ask for more info on that. Thats frustrating that they say you’re young and have time. Apparently they already have children. :slight_smile: I felt like I was on the older side at 25 when having my first…all my friends were moms and my siblings were nearly done having babies. How old are you? (If you dont mind me asking) I started BCP 2 days ago. So here we go.


LILMINIME and Hoping!!! here we are again!!! So good to see you here!! March will be our months!!! Let’s get the party started!!!


Oh wow…sorry for the typos…and my signature went south as well…this site is so frustrating:-)


I am 31 will be 32 next month. Hubby will be 35 in June. We are both eager and ready for our first little one.


Sdtara-- thanks, it’s good to see you in this forum too. I’m excited to get the cycle going too. I’m trying keep busy by training for a 5K and 10K. Lilminime- I understand feeling on the older side of motherhood. I got pregnant the first time at 30. I’m 32 now trying to get pregnant again. The good thing about it though is many of my friends have older children so they gave me toys, clothes, books, etc. which had been nice.


Hi ladies, I would like to join you as my January FET has been moved to March. I have 2 grade 2 blasts waiting for me. This will be my swan song :pray:


Lilminime looks like we are really close on our cycles. I have my hysteroscopy scheduled for the 21st. We have 3 embryos frozen from our cycle we did in August. After a couple miscarriages and a failed IVF we did genetic testing this time and know these 3 are genetically normal. We plan to transfer 2 (1 boy, 1 girl). My husband is currently in Korea so I will be alone this cycle and basically the entire pregnancy. I have never done an FET cycle so I’m not totally sure what to expect. I hope I can count on you ladies for support.


Hello All. Guess it’s not too early to start getting excited for our upcoming FET’s. I had a freeze all cycle back in Oct. 2013, that left us with 10 snow babies. My RE wanted me to get a laparoscopy for my endo, but wanted to bank some embies first, as after you have one it can affect the quality and quantity of your ER. I just had my lap last Tues, so I am writing this from bed as I recover. No work for me for 2 more weeks. The lap revealed 2 cysts on my ovaries, and extensive stage 4 endo! Boooo…but my Dr. said he thinks my uterus looks good now and there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to get pregnant. YAY! So I am healing up and I have already started on BC. Last April was my last transfer, and it ended in a m/c at 8 weeks. It will be almost a year to get back to a point where we transfer again, but I know I had to prepare my body to give my embies the best possible chance. I think we are planning on transferring 2, but I am open to 3 this time!!! I think this is our last transfer before we look into surrogacy, but I am very hopeful this time around! Glad to be part of this group, and as this is my 3rd FET I am a book of knowledge, here to help and support. Baby dust to us all!!!


Liliminime- I had a cervix dilation before my last transfer, also I had a polyp removed. Has your RE said anything about doing a scratching on your lining while she/he is in there? I haven’t had one before, but it seems to be a new trend on some boards. And if you are going in there anyway…could be worth looking into. Thanks for starting our group. Lady-Charles- funny to me that 25 is the older side of motherhood where you are from. I am almost 31 and will be the first of my friends (in LA) to be starting a family. Most people out here don’t even think of marriage until they are 30. But that being said I am from WI, and most of my highschool friends now have kids in kinder or first, so it depends on where you are! Looks like you have been lucky so far, so bring that luck our way!


Yes Sugar…I am in CA as well and almost 45!! I had my DS at the age of 43 and tons of friends who had their kids in their late 30s or 40s…:slight_smile:


Its definitely interesting how geographics can make a mom seem young or old! So about scratching. My RE said its standard protocol for my clinic now so I’ll need it done. I’ve never heard a thing about it but it seems to be making a difference. Has anyone had it done? If it will truly increase our chances for success greatly, it makes me lean toward one embie. I have been very fortunate in my getting pregnant so I can’t help but wonder if I could get 2 more out of them. I am really struggling with this.


I have never had a scratching before, but everyone seems to be talking about it. That being said I did just have surgery where they scraped out my uterus, so I am thinking that can’t be much different. You’ve had such good luck, so if I was you I think I would be tempted to do one also. I guess you could thaw one out and see how it looks, if it is a low grade maybe unthaw the other and then put in two. If it looks good to go try one. That’s just what I would do. Then there is me this time wondering how I can talk my RE into putting in 3! I’ve put in 2 every time and only had a BFP once, and only one stuck (ended in a m/c). Good luck with your decision.


They didn’t say anything about scratching just the dilation and hysteroscopy. But if he finds anything he said he will fix it while he’s in there so I guess that’s scratching but I will technically have 2 periods in between that before my transfer so I’m not sure how long that scratching works if he does have to do any scratching. Sugar I am also planning to ask for 3 each time I hot a positive it was only one in there and they ended in miscarriage so I want to kick it up a kitchen not sure they will go for it but it’s worth asking.


Hey ladies I am having my FET in Feb but I wanted to reply to the scratching, I had my scratching done today. My doctor says it can increase the success rate by 20% and what it does is creates a cell regeneration. The procedure was quick 10mins from doctor entering to being done, but it surely didn’t feel good. I would describe it has the cramping you get during a period. It let up in about 5 mins. I drove home and stayed in bed for a few hours and had discomfort for about 4 hours. It reminded me of the cramps I got with the vaginal saline sonogram. Now I am just tender. If it increases my success rate it is worth trying! From what I had read in research and what my doctor has said (5th leading researcher in the nation) it is worth it! :slight_smile:


Hi Rhubarby…I am pretty sure I remember you from last April’s board?? Anyway thanks for the info on scratching. I am going to inquire about it when I have speak with my RE. I jsut had a lap for my endo last week (you can relate) So I am thinking maybe they won’t do it because of that reason, but I agree with you, give it a chance! It also doesn’t sound too bad, I’ve been thorugh a lot worse for this process.Best of luck with your FET!!! Baby Dust!


Sugarsugar! Yes I was in the April forum… That was a nightmare everything that could have gone wrong went did. :frowning: but you live and you learn and I am thankful that after a little time healing I kept trying. I just can’t have HCG as a trigger shot and since you body produces hcg with pregnancy… We had to love me to FET to ensure the stim meds were out of my system and my ovaries reduced. Scratching is a process that is fairly new. A study came out sometime between August to November about scratching the endometrial lining several weeks prior to the transfer. I wasn’t familiar with it until my doctor had been telling me about it. Other then take I caught a cold :frowning: go figure. I haven’t had a cold or flu I years and just before my transfer I catch it… When is your transfer scheduled for? Sending you baby dust!