March 2016 Cycle Buddies


Positive thoughts for March :slight_smile:


I got my hcG level today & in a week it has gone from 269 to 1255! Wonder what it tops out at?


Wow! Those numbers sound fantastic!!


Anybody trying in March? I’m still waiting…planning to test on Tuesday (10dpo).


I will spare you guys the profanities I just texted to my hubby, but our new insurance plan covers infertility meds! I’m so darn excited!! I mean, I hope I don’t need to use any more (my fingers are still crossed for this cycle), but I am jumping for joy right now!!:smiley:


Wow! That is fantastic!!! Something I can only dream of in Canada :-/


I think you might be the only one this month, Christine. If I remember correctly, ShePea has an appt with her RE Mar 23?? CPike is on hold possibly for a bit…so your up girl!! :slight_smile:


Too much pressure! LOL!

I was kinda hoping we’d hear from a couple of the ladies that have been in and out. But it’s still early…


While we wait for your 2ww, haveyou heard anything from that job interview? That would be some good news too :slight_smile:


Another waiting game LOL!!! I did a total of three interviews. They went really well. Now I’m just waiting for a background check. Probably will hear back from them right around test day!


Hahah. Ainsley-Anne, hcG levels get reeeeally high. says they decrease after a while, but around 12 weeks of pregnancy they can be upwards of 280,000. I’m not gonna say that 1,255 is nothing but they quit measuring it after the first couple of draws because it ceases to be as useful as a diagnostic tool. :smiley: SO excited to hear what happens at your u/s though. I’m counting the daaaaays!

Christine! Your new insurance sounds awesome. NOT having to pay for your follistim (or Gonal-F, if that’s what they make you take) is fantastic. Good luck with the interviews in the meantime… but extra-good-luck in making it through the next week or so of YOUR 2ww. You really do seem to be the only one up this month since most everyone else has vanished. Sigh.


Thanks LG, that is s good article on hCG. It is very interesting and amazing what our bodies do on their own!!!
I have succumbed to a cold the last couple of days arrrgg. I did a little reading and apparently when you’re pregnant your immune system is low and you are more susceptible to cold bugs etc :frowning: but the good news is it shouldn’t effect the baby. Still, I really dislike being sick!! Have you been ill at all LG? I was also going to ask, have you been doing an exercise routine that you like? Also, any stretch mark prevention creams??
Yes, it seems we have “lost” a few people along the way which is too bad. It is like missing the last episode of your favourite TV series, and not knowing what happened :frowning:


Definitely, absolutely your immune system is weakened while you’re pregnant. I caught a cold bug back in January and it took me twelve days to ‘kick’ it… and by that I mean I spent about 4 days pretty much zombified, then found OTC meds I could take, and spent 8 more days coughing up bits of lung. It was pretty gross. And no, about the only exercise I get right now is occasionally chasing my 2 year old around. I also do things like pull muscles while unloading the dishwasher and can’t reach the floor anymore.

Stretch marks are basically a roll of the die. You can look for some kind of vitamin E cream with cocoa butter in it, but there’s limited efficacy there. There’s a genetic component to it that trumps the creams, so if you’re predisposed to them… well, you can kind of limit their effect, but you’re gonna get them. Wear them with pride!


Hi, Ainsley! May God hear you as for March:)
We’ve booked our 1st app on 10th March in Biotexcom clinic. This might be DE IVF program for 5 attempts, as I think from the previous failures we won’t cope just with one:confused:
Doc also suggests PGD testing because of my miscarriage a year ago. He has also suspected me being the carrier of a rare Wilson disease. But fortunately, I’m absolutely clear.
So, dear girls, we have all the needed papers gathered, all necessary tests and scans done. I feel so anxious about the meeting, can’t help waiting…


Hi Samantha! Your appointment is coming up soon. This process is definitely a waiting game. Have you tried IVF before or is this your first time? I hope this meeting brings good news for you. :slight_smile:


I was doing so well. I noted some symptoms, but didn’t think about it and kept right on going. But then today! Oh my gosh! Only 8dpo, mind you, and I am biting my nails waiting to test. You’d think after a few times the waiting would be easier. Oh how I wish I was one of those ladies who had the patience to wait till a reasonable test date.


Hi Samantha, welcome!

Christine, you’re close! Hold out just a liiiitle bit longer! (You kind of have to, actually, unless you know for sure your trigger is gone.) Tuesday is only 2 more sleeps…


I’m on the test-every-time-you-have-to-pee schedule! LOL! Not really. Trying to at least wait till tomorrow. We ended up not using the trigger so I’m not worried about a false positive.


Well, sure, test tomorrow! But it’s really, honestly too early and even if you get a positive later you’ll probably set yourself up for disappointment. You can wait one more day!


Well, against my better judgement, I tested this morning and this afternoon. There is the faintest line you’ve ever seen. I can’t even capture it in a pic. The morning line I didn’t believe. I thought for sure it was an evap because it showed up hours later. These two showed on time. Wonder and FRER. Oh my! I’m shaking! I’ve never ever ever seen two lines.