Materni21 Test


Hi - Has anyone had the Materni21 test done and if so what were your results (and were they accurate if you’ve had your baby)? I’m planning on having that done in a couple of weeks but I’ve read a lot about false positives for Down Syndrome.


i had it done round 14wks…all negativw and i am currently holdin my healthy 3 wk old girl as i type.

Beware…i checked the billing codes with my insurance and they were covered, but only select labs do the test, and it ended up being out of network and wasnt covered. so ask about which lab they send it out to.


I did the Maternit21 test around 11 wks. It was negative for all three trisomies. Have a healthy 3 month old baby snoring next to me in his crib.

But I did genetic embryo testing before implantation so we knew that he was normal. We just did it as a double check.


I was going to do it - and I will do it my next pregnancy. I talked to my Dr. and the results are supposed to be 99%. I did the first/second trimester screening with my DD (20 months) and got the false positive on the second trimester screening. We then did an amnio to rule it out.

My Dr. says this is a much better tool and its not just a screening but an actual diagnostic. I think its pretty awesome as you can also find out the sex before it is seen!

I was told it was going to cost $400 as it was not covered, but I think its totally worth it for my peace of mind! I don’t want to have another pregnancy at 20 weeks freaking out as they are saying I have a high risk (due I am 38), but that is the only thing that threw me off last time and its not going to get better due to my age! :grouphug:


Thanks everyone for your responses. I’ve decided to defiinitely have it done. We did genetic testing on the embryo so it should be fine and this is really for a double-check so I can “try” to breathe easy for the rest of the pregnancy. Looks like the test is a go for next week (I’ll be 11 weeks exactly).


We had the test done at 12 weeks - got the results in about 10 days. All was perfect and there was the presence of a Y chromosome.

Due with a perfectly healthy little boy in about 10 weeks! We paid about $200 or so, but it was SO worth the peace of mind! :slight_smile: