May 2013 FET


Hello Ladies! I didn’t see a thread started for May yet so I thought I’d start one!

I am day 2 on bcp’s and start Lupron 4/5 with a transfer date of 5/6. We got pregnant with our first IVF in Sept and the baby stopped growing at 9 wks. We are ready to try again and very excited…:pray: for a good outcome!

Looking forward to talking with all you ladies throughout our journey’s and lots of :bsv: :bsv: and :babydust: :babydust: to everyone!



Thanks for starting a May thread. :flower:
Is it piggish to want to be part of this thread and keep in touch with the April ladies, too? I had first thought that I might be scheduled for April, but, turned out to be May 2…
MJ–heartbroken for you about your loss. We m/c’ed while ttc, and I know that there are no words for what that does… But I am SO excited that you are going for an FET! :bsv: and prayers :pray: for all the best! :dance:


Hey girls

I just joined here a couple of days back and have been waiting for my account to get activated. Lovely to meet you all and share this journey with you.

My FET is scheduled for that last week of May (its gonna be a long wait!!!)


Me: 32 (low ovarian reserve)
FSH - 13.9 (This month check)
DH: 37 (all OK)

IVF #!1 : May 2009 -:bfp:
Transferred 2 day 3 8 cell embryos and got :preg:
Anay (boy) was born Feb 2010

Have one 5 day blast from my first IVF that was frozen and has been waiting for us all this time.

Lets see if I am lucky this time around as well.

:bsv: to everyone



I’m moving here from april group as well, though I admit that group moved a bit too fast for me to keep up. My cycle never got off the ground because I have to have a uterine polyp removed. My surgery is next week and then I have to wait out one cycle so I’ll be starting my FET cycle in mid-may for a late may/early june transfer (I HOPE!)

Still deciding whether to do one or two embryo transfer. Can only afford to do this once.


:welcome: Adoette, Anou & Silverbrumby. Happy you all joined and so excited for our transfers :woohoo:

Adoette I was hoping to transfer in April so I had been checking in on that thread every so often but didn’t want to post reguarly till I knew my date which I just found out on Mon. Thats normal to want to keep in touch with with April ladies too!
Happy you joined the thread and looking forward to talking with you more throughout this whole process. You transfer 4 days before me.:woohoo:

Anou! Glad you joined! It does seem so far away even the beginning of May. Hopefully next month goes fast and we all transfer before we know it.

Silverbrumby good luck on your surgery. Hopefully you get to transfer in May I know it sucks to wait but you want to be good and healthy for the transfer.
Deciding on the number of embryos is always a hard one. You just have to consider they may all stick as you know. I see you have twins. We went with two because we don’t have a lot of money to keep doing this either. We pay out of pocket and we would love a big family but well have to see what happens.


Hi everyone!

I would like to join this thread too! My next FET is tentatively slated for 5/22. Haven’t started bcps yet; I actually just had a miscarriage at 8 weeks two weeks ago yesterday, and my hcg is almost back to zero.

It has been a bit of a rough road… First ivf in Sept. '12 was positive, but then I had a blighted ovum at 7 weeks. Moved on to next FET Jan. 30th '13, got ANOTHER BFP, but then also another miscarriage at 8 weeks due to chromosomal abnormalities, trisomies 7 and 22.

But, there is no time to waste! I am 39.5 and now have two frozen hatching embryos left, graded 5BA and 5BB. I am PRAYING that these will be the ones without abnormalities, as I seem to have no problem getting pg with the abnormal ones!!!

Does anyone know if hatching embryos are at all “better” than non hatching ones? My first two transfers were 3AA/4AB, and 4AA/3BB non hatching.

Cheers to us all!


Thanks all and welcome supernightowl! Hatching embryos is as good as you can get. Those are the superstars of the blast world. Everything crossed for you!

Well, AF was due yesterday and had spotting but then that stopped and still no AF. If AF doesn’t come by tomorrow night then I’ll have to call my OB because they’ll probably want to postpone the surgery since it needs to be done at the beginning of my cycle. Ugh. Please send lots of af arrive vibes. Rescheduling would SUCK.


May I join?

Hi there,

Nice little board here, not too busy. Think that’s what I need. Too hard to keep up on other boards sometimes!

Was looking around trying to figure out which group was best for me and looks like I found you!
I’m also coming over from an April ivf board.
We just got the news that our next cycle will be a freeze all, due to my high AMH and mild OHSS last cycle, and small amount of mature eggs collected last time. Also, our immature eggs weren’t just one step away from maturity but two steps away, so they were reallllly immature. So we are going to push longer, and try to get more mature eggs. This will no doubt lead me to OHSS like our first ivf did with a positive pregnancy, so that’s the reasoning behind the freeze all. I’m ok with it but heck that’s a long wait!

I got my first negative HPT about 7 days ago… So AF looks like it might not be here for another 3wks. So probably looking at FET in 10-12 wks. So long to wait! Wow. It does feel like a long time.


Waiting for AF

Hi Silverbrumby… thinking of you…
AF :af: come yet?
Hope so! or maybe the spotting will count? :cross:
I know that delays make me so :grr: frustrated…
Makes me wish I had a relaxed personality like my DH…

:welcome: Angelique! It sounds like you are waiting for AF, too…
Hoping :af: soon! :cross:
:bsv: to us all…


Hi all

Hi all,

I’d like to join the thread as well. My FET is tentatively scheduled for 4/30, however since that is a Tuesday I am going to ask if we can do it on 5/1 or 5/2 so it’ll be a the end of the week (to make things easier at work). Although since this my first FET - I don’t know how set the schedule is and when they make adjustments.

We did IVF in January - transferred 2 5AA blasts and froze 6 embryos. I did end up with a BFP but from the get-go we were cautiously optimistic because my beta was so low. It turned out it wasn’t a viable pregnancy and I had a D&C in January.

I started prometrium this week to bring on :af:, so hopefully that’ll be next week and I the party can officially start. My Dr. will transfer 3 embroys in FET, so that’s what we plan to do.


:welcome: lefty!
Sounds very exciting with your 3 frosties!
I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

Adoete: yes… Waiting waiting… I temp checked this AM and it was measuring a progesterone, but it’s impossible to know what’s going on after d&c… It could be weeks for me!


Hi Ladies!

It looks like I’ll have an early May transfer, so I’d love to join this board.

My RE doesn’t do lupron for FETs, so I don’t start any drugs until a few weeks before the transfer. On the one hand I’m happy to not have to deal with the emotional train wreck that lupron brings on in me; on the other hand, I’m a little nervous because it seems like most RE’s use lupron for FETs…anyone else not using lupron?

I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic, but it’s not working and I’m just flat out excited. It’s making me really nervous about handling the fall out later if it’s not a happy outcome…

:bsv: to everyone!


Thanks Adoette! Still waiting for :af: here. :frowning:

I did speak with my OB though and she wanted to go ahead with surgery anyway. I told her I really prefer to wait but we compromised and decided to reschedule for April 10 and if AF hasn’t shown by then we will go ahead anyway. She said that it’s not ideal and will mean she has to scrape the whole uterus rather than just removing polyp. Sounds pleasant. Ugh.

Welcome Angelique and Lefty! Yes, the waiting is just interminable! I’ve got to wait for af, then surgery then I have to wait one full cycle in April (who knows if it will even show given this AF wonkiness and possible uterine “scraping”) and then wait for another AF and THEN I can start the darn cycle and wait and wait.

There are a few positive sides to waiting though. It means that I’ve had time for more thinking and planning and deciding how many embryos to transfer, and figure out the financials of this which are taking a major hit because of the cost of the surgery and procedures involved with all that. I’m impatient to get started and just trying to take deep breaths and go with the flow (no pun intended).


Welcome HopefulinSalem as well! My doctor doesn’t use Lupron either unless there are special circumstances in the patient’s history that would indicate needing it or if the patient is long distance and timing on the cycle is important. He said it’s not necessary. Most cycles he does are just estrogen/progesterone and then either PIO or Crinone as prog support. He even does completely natural cycles where it is just timed and then progesterone support after transfer. I think that less meds is way better. Less stress on your body, less mucking with mother nature, and less expensive.


Hi Ladies!
I would love to join this thread as I am looking for a little more support this time around. I’m not familiar with all of the terminology so please be patient…
My DH and I will be using a DE for our cycle which is tenatively scheduled for the end of May. We had our 1st ET last October which resulted in a :bfn: and nearly broke my heart! :frowning: This time around I am trying to do everything possible (acupuncture, supplements, etc.) but I’m just curious if anyone has any advice on specific things to try or do before the transfer and during the 2WW.
Thanks everyone! Looking forward to going through this amazing journey with all of you.


I must be nuts…

I started Lupron today… And I was so happy that things were getting started.
Taking lupron… happy… I think I must be nuts!


Thanks for the info Silverbrumby. I don’t feel super educated on this process since last time I did IVF. I agree that no lupron will be MUCH easier.

Welcome Spammy! I’m sorry about your BFN last year. All of our hopes and preparation to be dashed with one test is heart wrenching. Last time I didn’t do much (didn’t try acupuncture or supplements other than a prenatal) besides take it easy for four days after the transfer. I live on the 3rd floor and I refused to leave the house for four days because I was scared that going up and down stairs would make a difference. The nurse told me it was okay for me “bear down” next time I needed to (I believe she was talking about pushing to poop (ha! I can’t believe I’m typing this!)). I think the most frustrating thing about this process is that we really don’t have control. I can’t think of anything other than what you already mentioned besides being well rested.

Adoette - how exciting to be getting started! It makes sense that you’d be happy on lupron, as long as in 5 minutes you’re crying for no reason…and then 5 minutes later happy again, then more crying and so on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Welcome Spammy! I sure know that feeling and the best advice I can give is to just let go that BFN and visualize success this time. It really will happen!!! I am a mother to twins from donor embies and after all those years of trying and failing and getting benched and waiting only to fail again I just went into the cycle with the mental attitude that THIS was my time and I even just knew both would stick. When I got my BFP four days after the transfer I was all “YUP! It’s twins” and my friend who came to the u/s with me said “You don’t seem surprised or shocked” and I was all “Nope. I knew it was twins”.


Waiting waiting…

Waiting game, tick tock so slow.
Exciting to see some of you so close to getting going!

AFM: no idea where my cycle is. If d&c is CD1…
First negative HPT on CD20 and first positive OPK on CD27.
Today is CD31.

I feel AF symptoms and have felt ovulation feelings every since my positive OPK…

But my temps are hovering around the usual ovulation temps, not going up, as it might if I had ovulated.

Dr said AF may not arrive for a few weeks. Ugh!


Hi all! I’m currently in the March group and will get confirmation tomorrow with beta but all of my home tests are negative:-( so I’m hoping a mid May FET will be successful!!! Third times a charm right!