May 2014 Due Date Buddies!


I didn’t see a “May 2014” group yet, so I thought I would start one up. I realize it is really early, but based on my IUI date I should be due around May 13th! I’m super excited (but trying to be cautious about it because I miscarried back in May - and I realize this is still really early). This was IUI#3 for me, and the last one that insurance would cover any part of (not that they covered that much, but every little bit helps). I got my positive home test yesterday and this morning it was darker. I went in for my Beta this morning!


I am also very early in this but according to my ET on 8-18, I will be due May 7th. I had my first beta yesterday and second beta tomorrow! All fingers and toes and eyes crossed for success for both of us. I also miscarried last November so cautiously optimistic this time around…first pregnancy was natural and this was my first IVF cycle. We shall see but at least today, I am pregnant!


Congrats [B]abeadinpath[/B]! I feel like I am going to jinx something by posting this early, but I can’t help it. I’m refraining from telling my mom until I get the 2nd beta (which I’m hoping will be Monday). And since I’m not really telling the people close to me (except my husband of course), I need to share with someone! I’m so glad that internet communities like this exist. Hopefully this time will go better for both of us.


I had an FET 8/17 and got my BFP monday. I should be due May 5 if it’s one baby, April 13 if it’s twins! There is a chance of twins because I had 2 transferred. We shall see soon enough:)


[B]hopingfortwins[/B] that is SO exciting. I’m also hoping for twins, but it is much less likely in my case. I had IUI with 2 follicles at 22mm the day before IUI (although we didn’t use a trigger, so they may not have both ovulated). While I would love twins, partly because this was the last fertility treatment my insurance covered - they have a “lifetime cap.” If we ever want to try again it will all be out of pocket.

I had my first beta yesterday. Unfortunately, my RE called at 5:30 (right before their office closed) and I was on the subway (on my way home from work) so I didn’t have phone reception. She left a message, but didn’t give the numbers for either the beta or the progestersone. She just said that “the pregnancy test was positive and the progesterone levels are excellent, call back on Tuesday to set up a time to re-test.” Last time both the beta and the progesterone were low, so they were worried from the start. Which was justified because I started bleeding and miscarried about a week after the second beta. I’m trying not to panic, but I really wish I had the numbers (and a second beta, so I knew if things were doubling).


Would love to join!! I had my third beta today come back at 1312 after our last embryo was transferred! THANKS BE TO GOD!!! Due May 8th. First ultrasound is sept 16th!


Hi Ladies,
I’d like to join as well! My due date is May 7th. I have an ultrasound on the 17th which just can’t be soon enough!!! I crave to see that little heartbeat. I am just praying and hoping everything is going alright in there. :slight_smile:

Today, I’ve been having lots of pulling, tweaking sensations down there. Anybody else? I am trying not to worry too much about it, but I know you all understand how that goes…


YAY! I see some familiar people on here. I would love to join as well. I did an FET in August and my 3rd beta came back 7997. My first ultrasound is on the 16th at 7.5 weeks along. If all goes well my due date is May 4th. Im so glad I found this forum = )


We are so close to each other…super exciting!


Our first ultrasounds are on the same day! Looks like we can be excited and nervous together :slight_smile:


Stay positive. Sounds like you have nothing to worry about as that is a good message from you doctor!


Congrats on your pregnancy =)


Beta #1: 11dp3dt 88.6 Beta#2: 13dp3dt 114 :frowning: Beta #3: 14dp3dt 208 phew Beta #4: 16dp3dt 522 Beta #5: 18dp3dt 1471 Big question: my progesterone numbers have been fine.y estrogen/estrodial has not been rising high enough…it’s only 58 now. RE not overly concerned bc HCG keeps doubling but any encouraging news would be so greatly appreciated!!! I have read that some RE’s don’t even check E2 levels…looking for some feedback from you ladies as you can imagine I am paranoid. They said could be ectopic but why would my HCG rise so steadily and progesterone fine? I have no bleeding andante nausea and fatigue. Prayers and words please please please. I am 5 weeks 2 days today :wink:


My dr checks E2 levels at every beta test day. It sounds like you dont have an ectopic. Everything i read says hcg levels slow down and decrease but I am not sure if thats always the case. Was this a fresh transfer or FET? I thought it was rare to have an ectopic but stay positive and dont worry. Your levels are doubling…yay!!!


Bebes0065; thank you, kindly for your response! Everything feels fine!!! I feel pregnant with nausea and fatigue and weird twinges in belly area. I had a fresh transfer of 3 perfect embies. They are not concerned about the beta/HCG but they are concerned about the E2 being low at 58 and that was 3 days ago. I also read that it’s only 5% chance of ectopic with IVF.


Close together? I don’t think so. :wink: Your twins are going to be coming a couple weeks earlier. lol!


52 IS pretty low. I agree with bebes that it would be unlikely to be etopic. Are they thinking about giving you a supplement? Edited to add that my RE has not checked my E2 since transfer, but I had an FET and I am still on the same number of patches, so you wouldn’t expect it to drop. That being said, I am having an E2 and Progesterone done at my ultrasound. My doc likes to start weening the estrogen patches between 6 and 7 weeks. I hope everything is ok for you! When will they do an ultrasound? That could really answer some questions.


Ha ha ha…well maybe lol will hopefully find out on the 16th :slight_smile:


NewEnglander: oh boy! You just got me super nervous! US is Monday at 5 1/2 weeks. RE will not supplement Estrogen at this point, only progesterone. I really trust Cornell though!


Hopefully it’s higher by Monday…it’s 58, not 52. I’ve also been increasingly nauseous so hoping this is estrogen rise and not just HCG.