May 2014 Due Date Buddies!


Hi ladies!
Just thought I’d start the May 2014 Due Date Buddies thread since I didn’t see one started. After 1 year, 6 IVF cycles, 1 ectopic pregnancy and many many prayers later, we have FINALLY been blessed with another IVF miracle!! Our due date is May 7th, 2014. Since this past year has been so rough for DH and me, I have been scared out of my mind everyday since our BFP. My mind has been racing with all the possibilities that could go wrong. But so far, everything is going just right. I have my first pregnancy ultrasound tomorrow at 5wks2days, and repeat beta. Hoping and praying all goes well. Anyway, I know I’m not the only one out there experiencing the same feelings. Please share your experiences and thoughts and we can support each other over the next 8+ months!! Hoping to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


WOW, so excited for you! I just glanced over at saw your name! I am just starting IVF 4 Blessings to you and your little miracle! I pray that you have an very uneventful pregnancy.


[QUOTE=HeartSick4Girl;n2602981]WOW, so excited for you! I just glanced over at saw your name! I am just starting IVF 4 Blessings to you and your little miracle! I pray that you have an very uneventful pregnancy. [/QUOTE]

Hi HeartSick!
So glad to see you are still hanging in there! I’m praying that you get your MIRACLE with the next cycle :pray: Just follow what your heart tells you. That’s why we didn’t give up…I just felt like it wasn’t the end for us. So you can’t succeed if you don’t at least TRY. I’m so glad we didn’t give up! It’s definitely a crap shoot—I mean my best cycle in June (so I thought) didn’t give us our BFP, but in August; 11 eggs, and only 2 embies made it to ET. In the end, we got our :bfp:…and that’s all that matters :flower: Hang in there sweetie…miracles DO happen :grouphug:


Miamcmuffin - My due date is May 7th as well! This is my first IVF and we transfer 2 good quality blasts. Got a strong positive 6dp5dt and my first beta on 8/29 was 399. My second beta wasn’t very good at 612. They had me do a third beta yesterday which came back at 1896 so I was relieved that it was in the doubling range. My RE’s office is acting very cautious (though they aren’t really saying anything specific) and it is making me very nervous. They are having me come in tomorrow for an early ultrasound at 5w2d. I’m scared they think something is wrong because they typically wait til 6 weeks to do an ultrasound.


May i join?? Im due May 16th, from our 1st IVF. Had my first beta yesterday and it was 104. But i also have OHSS. I go in tomorrow for another beta and scan.

Congrats to you ladies!


missingmy#2 and Icecreambeauty CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thanks for joining in on our little group here…I’m SUPER excited for everyone! :welcome:

Icecreambeauty - It doesn’t sound like you have anything to worry about…I had my 1st ultrasound today at 5wks 2 days also, and they do that just to check for the sac. There was no cause for concern. Your last beta looks great :slight_smile: Let us know how the ultrasound turns out…hoping everything is good & reassuring for you :pray::grouphug:

missingmy#2 - Sorry to hear about your OHSS. But at least you are :preg:Yay! Hope your ultrasound & beta went well today…can’t wait to get the update!!

AFM: We saw ONE beautiful sac on ultrasound today :clap: Beta #3 came back at 6,872! Next u/s and beta scheduled for next friday…they said we should see the heartbeat next week :pray:
It seems like we jump through one hoop, only to have to get through another! It’s mentally exhausting…lol.


Miamcmuffin - Thank you for the encouraging words! My ultrasound went well! We saw one definite sac and possibly a second but the doctor couldn’t tell for sure bc it was smaller than the other. I asked her if that could be the reason for the weird 2nd beta (a vanishing twin) and she said that could be a possibility. She said she was happy with what the ultrasound showed but with the side note that the beta levels could still indicate something wrong. I’m happy that at least we now know it isn’t ectopic! I go in on Monday 16th for a second ultrasound! Hoping we all see beautiful heartbeats in the next couple weeks!!!


Yesterdays beta was 252, so more than doubled. My OHSS hadn’t changed for the better or worse. I go back on Monday for another scan and bloodwork.

Icecream - Im glad it isn’t ectopic. Goodluck come Monday!!

Miamcmuffin - YAY for one little bean. Goodluck on Friday!!


Icecreambeauty - Oh what a hugh relief it’s not an ectopic! :clap:Hope all goes well with next u/s :pray:

Missingmy#2 - Yay on your #2 beta numbers!! :clap:Sorry to hear that the OHSS is taking its good ole time going anywhere. But at least it’s not getting worse---- I guess it’s not too too bad that you have to be hospitalized? When is your next beta and 1st u/s?

AFM: Well I guess we all had a good ending to our week :woohoo: It’s been and still going to be a rough road ahead. But at least we can all get through the weekend with smiles on our faces! :grouphug:


Miamcmuffin - No not to bed. They don’t want to do anything since i can still eat and drink. If the fluid grows anymore i’ll be having it drained on Monday. Which is my next scan and beta appt. A scan to know how many beans, won’t be for a few more weeks since im just 4w1d today.


[QUOTE=missingmy#2;n2603681]Miamcmuffin - No not to bed. They don’t want to do anything since i can still eat and drink. If the fluid grows anymore i’ll be having it drained on Monday. Which is my next scan and beta appt. A scan to know how many beans, won’t be for a few more weeks since im just 4w1d today.[/QUOTE]

Oh that’s good then…could be a lot worse! Good luck with your scan on Monday :cross: Hope that fluid goes away for you soon :grouphug:


Well i’ve been MIA. My scan on Monday showed more fluid and i was having trouble breathing. So my RE wanted to admit me into the hospital for the fluid to be drained. They got 2.5 liters and i felt so much better. Although it was the worst pain ever! I go back on Thursday to see if my fluid is coming back or if im in the clear.


I am so sorry you are going through this. I can’t even imagine how painful it must be. I hope things look better at your appointment today. Congrats on being pregnant!!


Sorry I’ve been MIA also. My neighborhood had a power outage on Monday afternoon, that rendered our Internet and land line service obsolete. Had to wait for tech to come out and fix it. missingmy#2 - That’s awful!!! I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this. It makes it so much harder to enjoy your pregnancy when you’re so sick. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a little better after they removed the fluid though. Hang in there. How did your appointment go today? I’m thinking of you :slight_smile: Is icecreambeauty still with us? Wondering how the updates are going for everone this week. AFM: I have my 6 wk u/s tomorrow to check for heartbeat. I’m really, really nervous. I don’t even feel pregnant except for the exceptional bloating! I look like I’m 6 months preggo already!! Thank goodness I held onto my maternity pants from my daughter cause I’ve been wearing them all!


Scan today showed the lower fluid is very little. But in the upper right near my liver i have a bigger pocket of fluid. He doesn’t want to do anything since it is near my liver and that can cause more issues than i have right now. I go back on Monday for another scan to check the fluid levels.


Hey ladies! I’m still here. Missingmy#2 - I’m sorry to hear about your issues with the fluid. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be. Miamcmuffin - Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be checking regularly to see a post on how it goes! AFM - I’m super nervous for my u/s on Monday (will be 6w5d) to check for a heartbeat. Trying to stay positive and I’m hoping I get to see my RE instead of his partner who did the first u/s. My symptoms have been a little better than last week -still there just a little easier to deal with - except for the fatigue which I think is getting worse.


I just had my 5th Beta today, numbers still doubling plus now so looks good I will no more with a ultrasound on Tuesday with my Re. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers…


Hi Micfree :welcome: It sure looks like your numbers are on a roll now!! I’m sure the beginning was nerve wracking for you. Can’t wait to hear the results of your u/s next Tues!

Icecreambeauty - I have noticed my fatigue has gotten much worse this week as well. But I’ll gladly welcome it for the pregnancy, lol. Praying for a great u/s on Monday!

Missing - I’m pulling for you to get better yesterday! Hoping you’re able to get some good rest this weekend and better results on Monday :pray:

AFM: Had my u/s today and saw one little heart flickering :clap: I can’t believe it…it’s so surreal! Beta is up to 55,541! Getting another u/s next Thurs :slight_smile: Have a great weekend ladies!


Hello ladies! Hope you don’t mind another jumping in here! I’ve only had one beta so far that came back at 151 this past Thursday and they’re making me wait till Monday for my next one! It’s torture waiting 4 days, but so far I feel like everything’s fine so far and I’ve no spotting st all, so I’m happy with that so far. This is all just so nerve wracking!!! You think all you need to get is that BFP finally, but now it’s so much more nerve wracking! We’ve never made it this far so it’s all new territory for us. Anywho… Just hopping in to say hi, congrats to all here so for, and thank god for forums like this with people that truly understand!!!


Hi Jen! Welcome to the board & CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP!!! Yes, it is all so very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I think I can speak for us all that we are going through the very same feelings. Good luck today on your repeat beta! Hoping to hear some great numbers today :slight_smile: What is your due date?