May Stim Buddies - Estradiol & Follicle Count


I am currently going through stim right now. I am on day 6 of my stim meds (150 menopur/300 follistim) with 5 units of Lupron. I thought it would be helpful to see what other people’s estradiol (e2) levels and follicle counts were during the stim phase. This is our 2nd rodeo, so I have my last cycle to compare to, and the #s this cycle don’t seem to be as high as my last cycle. I just want to see if anyone has had similar E2/follicle count and what their outcome was.
Baseline: E2= 13 AFC = 6 right / 7 left
Day 3 of Stims: E2=30 / no u/s
Day 6: E2 = 172/follicle count= 1-12, 1-11 and 6-small on left, and 1-11 and 3 small on right
Day 8: E2= / follicle count=
Day 10: E2= / follicle count=


There are currently 2 May threads. One is for the entire month and the second one is for late may early june.

Please come and join one of them :slight_smile: The women offer great support.