Me and my girlfriend are trying to get pregnant but so far no luck


Hi, honey! I’m so sorry you’re facing trouble conceiving. This is tough for every woman desperate for a kid. But you shouldn’t stop. You’ve mentioned you’ve spent years trying with no luck. This said you’ve become thhe candidate for a good consultation with the fertility expert. Don’t waste time, investigate why actually you fail. Or you’ve been diagnosed already?
I’m also glad you’ve chosen this place to be in. Ladies here are awesome with plenty of their stories. Some are really inspiring, and everyone’s the path they are going through to have kids. All are different. Could you tell us more about your background? Anything? Of course if you feel open about it. Wishing you the best and hope to hear from you soon.


Here’s my background in case you need some help.
Me then 40 yrs old (I mean the start of treatments). Successful architect whose life has changed dramatically with infertility. Married to dh in 2013. TTC since 10/14. Soon diagnosed on PCOS & blocked fallopian tubes. AMH test results came in <3,2. Tried accupuncture along with IVF shots. Got no actual results. IVF#1 9/15 failed. IVF#2 12/15- BFN. Our dr suggested PGD as suspected me to be the carrier of a very rare disease. (Wilson disease which is very rare TREATABLE disorder). Another shot brought no luck. We both took a LONG break for emotional recovery. Friend of mine applied for surrogacy in Ukraine, so was quick with recommendations and experienced things. We thought we could give it another try abroad. Using donor egg. It took us 2 shots DE IVF. OTD 25/05/16 - BFP! Currently we’re going for the sibling at the same bio tex com clinic. Wish me good luck. Would love to help you with some of the questions. All the best.


Hello Andrew! How are you? Hope you are doing well! That is great that you are sharig your problem here on the forum! You know I absolutely understand you. that is not an easy question. I think first of all you need to discuss the issue with your doctor. There is a lot of people all of the world having such a problem. I am here cause I am one of them. Unfortunately I am infertile. I dream about a baby. But this is impossible for me. I am about to go to Ukraine and have surrogacy treatment. Me and my husband are dreaming about twins. Hopefully all will be fine!


She still hasn’t gotten pregnant. I’m on this medication for blood pressure and I read that it can affect fertility but I’ve been having this issue since before I started that medication. I’m not sure where to go or who to talk to. I’ve always wanted children my entire life


You should consult a good fertility expert. They’ll take you through your previous medical history. Including conditions etc. Then they’ll talk you through the next steps and what kinds of things they need to understand to get a full picture. The appointment is for the couple. As you are in this together. It’s only made with a GYN because it’s mostly woman focussed. But you need to be involved as well. They might discuss your girlfriend’s weight. If her BMI is over a set amount then they will point towards that as something that needs to be worked on. As it will effect your chances of getting IVF, if you need to go down that route. The doc will also ask you about your diet, your stress levels, your habits and any vitamins you take. There are a number of tests your doctor will likely request after seeing you both:
Progesterone CD21 Blood Test
LH, FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone CD2-5 Blood Test
Ultrasound on Uterus
HSG Scan
Everything your doc requests is to give them a better picture of why you haven’t conceived yet. Work with him and try to get your tests done as quickly is possible to ensure you speed through the process. As it can be draining and a long drawn out process. Sometimes you may need to repeat tests, this is just to double check results, don’t be too alarmed. At the end of these hurdles, you will be given options for your treatment and one day. It’ll all be worth it because you’ll have your baby. I know all this because I spent years jumping through all these hurdles and now we have DE IVF dear daughter and currently prego with a sibling for her. :grin:


Hi there. I’m sorry to read you’re facing trouble conceiving. Just adding a couple of things. Be ready to answer questions to help your doctor quickly determine next steps in making a diagnosis and starting care. Possible questions for you include: How long have you been actively trying to get pregnant? How frequently do you have intercourse? Do you use any lubricants during sex? Do either of you smoke? Do either of you use alcohol or recreational drugs? How often? Are either of you currently taking any medications, dietary supplements or anabolic steroids? Have either of you been treated for any other medical conditions, including sexually transmitted infections? Are you exposed through your work or lifestyle habits to chemicals, pesticides, radiation or lead?
If you’re a man, you might be asked: Do you have any difficulties putting on muscle or do you take any substances to increase muscle mass? Do you ever notice a fullness in the scrotum, particularly after standing for extended periods of time? Do you experience any testicular or post-ejaculatory pain? Have you had any sexual problems, such as difficulty maintaining an erection, ejaculating too soon, not being able to ejaculate or reduced sexual desire? Have you conceived a child with any previous partners? Do you regularly take hot baths or steam baths?
If you’re a woman, you might be asked: At what age did you start menstruating? What are your cycles typically like? How regular, long and heavy? Have you ever been pregnant before? Have you been charting your cycles or testing for ovulation? For how many cycles? What is your typical daily diet? Do you exercise regularly? How much? Has your body weight recently changed?
Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor to repeat information or to ask follow-up questions!!


Also what you can do to get ready for your first appointment:
Provide details about your attempts to get pregnant. Write down details about when you started trying to conceive and how often you’ve had intercourse, especially around the midpoint of your cycle - the time of ovulation. Bring your key medical information. Include any other medical conditions you or your partner has, as well as information about any previous infertility evaluations or treatments. Make a list of any medications, vitamins, herbs or other supplements you take. Include the doses and how often you take them. Make a list of questions to ask your doctor. List the most important questions first in case time runs short.
This is the list of questions we asked our Dr at Biotexcom clinic, Kiev: What are the possible reasons we haven’t yet conceived? What kinds of tests do we need? What treatment do you recommend trying first? What side effects are associated with the treatment you’re recommending? What is the likelihood of conceiving multiple babies with the treatment you’re recommending? For how many cycles will we try this treatment? If the first treatment doesn’t work, what will you recommend trying next? Are there any long-term complications associated with this or other infertility treatments?


Men’s options can include treatment for general sexual problems or lack of healthy sperm. Treatment may include:
Altering lifestyle factors. Improving lifestyle and behavioral factors can improve chances for pregnancy. Including discontinuing select medications. Reducing/eliminating harmful substances. Improving frequency and timing of intercourse, establishing regular exercise and optimizing other factors that may otherwise impair fertility.
Then certain medications may improve a man’s sperm count and likelihood for achieving a successful pregnancy. These medicines may increase testicular function, including sperm production and quality.
In select conditions, surgery may be able to reverse a sperm blockage and restore fertility. In other cases, surgically repairing a varicocele may improve overall chances for pregnancy.
Sperm retrieval. These techniques obtain sperm when ejaculation is a problem or when no sperm are present in the ejaculated fluid. They may also be used in cases where assisted reproductive techniques are planned and sperm counts are low or otherwise abnormal.
Those are some general facts dh was told about once.