Me: DOR DH: Low Counts and Motility....feeling hopeless :(


New to this website so HELLO!!! I was just diagnosed with DOR (AMH was .5) yesterday. Totally devestated.
:’( DH has extremely low count and motility. He is currently on Clomid and Dr. wants me to start taking DHEA. Dr. told me only option is IVF w ICSI and SOON, like within 6 months! Financially it really isn’t going to work for us as my levels require a higher dosage of medicine, giving us an estimate of $20-25K for one cycle with only a 40% success rate of live birth. Assuming (aware that it isn’t likely but praying) the Clomid raises his counts and motility, has anyone out there gotten lucky with a natural conception or IUI with both partners having such infertility issues? :grr: :grr:


So sorry, I know of the feeling. Like being kicked in the gut!

My DH had a 0 count, yup 0 and did clomid, nothing, then was switched to HCG> Ask if he can do HcG injectables. Same thing that we trigger with for IVF to ovulate. They take a lower dose 1X week or every other day. It dramatically changed his counts now he is a Star and I am the big problem. Good luck.



I was told today that my AMH when tested by my previous RE was 0.5. The previous RE never said anything, just that we had male factor and we should go IVF.

So now I find out at the new RE’s office and had a complete breakdown (still crying) because we don’t qualify for the warranty program, which is the only way we can conceivably pay for more than 1 cycle or have any $ left for adoption. I am completely crushed and feeling hopeless as well. I can’t believe it.