Medical reason for not having period


What is the medical reason for someone to not get their period? Is it a surplus or lack of a certain hormone? Or are there several hormones that come into play?

I have gone years without a period before but never really minded. Now that we are TTC it REALLY drives me CRAZY to have to wait so long for a period. I am NOT pregnant and I have taken provera many times…sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t. My last cycle was in September and I took provera at the end of October and still nothing. I thought instead of just waiting around Id find out the real reason behind it not coming! Any thoughts?

I’m anxious to start my next treatment cycle!


you may have a surplus of progesterone in your system…you DO want to have a period at least every few months because as the lining builds up, it can lead to lining hyperplasia and that can be dangerous in the long run. after you are done with the baby business, you should consider some hormone testing and possibly a low-dose BCP…


i am the same way, never really getting my period. dr told me it was b/c i have pcos, and i do not ovulate.


Angelcare- I WANT a period every month but I don’t ever get one without provera and even after taking provera I don’t always get one…like now. Isn’t provera mostly progesterone? So I can’t have a surplus or they wouldn’t be giving me more right? Sometimes I feel like my RE doesn’t explain the reasons behind things he just provides “solutions”.

Everywhere I look online, I’m just finding reasons such as underweight, overweight, excessive excersize, pregnancy, etc. as opposed to medical facts to explain why. My RE said I don’t have PCOS even though I felt like I did/do.

I’ve gone years without a period before but since we’ve been trying to concieve (3 years) I feel like I can only get in a few cycles a year…it’s just whenever my body decides to respond to the provera. I HATE WAITING!!!


[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Hormonal imbalance is most common cause of anovulation and irregular menses .

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My sister only has her period once a year. And she never really cared to find out the reason why. I guess she’ll be agonizing over it once she decides she wants to have kids of her own.

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I completely understand where you’re coming from. We’ve been trying for 4 years, but I’ve only had 5 periods in that time. I take provera and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My RE says it’s from PCOS, I have lost weight, even though I’m not that overweight, and I am taking metformin. Lots of vitamins and exercise. Trying to naturally ovulate, but so far, I’m still waiting. Good luck to you and I hope everything works out! I’m so sorry you are having all this trouble!


I’m in a similar situation. I’ve never gotten a period without being on birth control. Now that I’m (obviously) off birth control, I will not and do not get a period. My doctor told me there are one of two reasons: 1. PCOS and 2. lack of estrogen production for some reason. We ruled out PCOS for me because progesterone will not induce a period for me, which my doc says is how you can tell if it’s PCOS. We never have ventured down finding out why I don’t produce estrogen since there’s likely nothing I can do about it, but find ways to induce ovulation. That’s the best info I can offer. Good luck. If it helps, I was still able to get pregnant on Chlomid, but it unfortunately ended in m/c.