medicating when there is no ovulation issues


My RE told me that I will be on medications to stimulate ovulation for my first IUI, but I am a bit confused since I do not have any ovulation issues. does this increase my chances if i am producing more then what i normally do?>


I think it helps when you do an IUI with medication and IUI. More targets. But you can do a natural IUI with no medication.


Meds with no ovulation problems

I am the same as you. I have no issues, labs okay, everything running fine. Been trying for 30 months so we started Clomid 100mg with IUI. My RE said that I may produce more follicles, but more often the eggs will be more mature. So we are on cycle #2 and feeling confused, if I am normal, why am I putting more hormones in my body? But I am trusting my RE right now and am going to finish cycle #3 if needed. I have to say that my 2nd cycle with CLomid and IUI produced three follicles. I am in my 2WW. Good luck to you. It is always okay to go for a second opinion or just ask you RE honestly about your plan of care.
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thanks for the responses. I actually talked to my nurse on the phone yesterday, and was told that it basically greatens our chances since we have been trying for close to 3 years they want to start out more aggressive rather then waste more timeā€¦ sounds like a good resoning to me.