Medication Protocol for DOR


Curious to know what medication protocols women are trying with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). My last cycle involved the following:

Days 3-9
AM: Menopur (2 vials of 75)
PM: Follistim (300)

Stim protocol followed by several days of Ganirelix
Start Progesterone in Oil day after egg retrieval
1 baby aspirin a day

I had a 6 eggs retrieved (my lowest of 3 IVF rounds), ICSI with 5 normal fertilizations. Put 2 embryos in, none to freeze.

If I remember correctly back in May, my doctor felt the Lupron was suppressing me too much and removed that from my regimen. I’m 34 and am looking for answers as to why I’m such a poor responder and what other women have tried to increase their eggs.


I just did the Lupron Microdose protocol and am in the 2WW. I had my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork on CD4, started the Lupron Microdose that night and started 375 units of Follistim the following evening. I took the Follistim for 7 days. I only ended up with 4 eggs, but 3 of them fertilized with ICSI and we transferred all 3 embryos on day 3 (2 were at 8 cells and 1 was at 7 cells). You can see more details in my signature below. I think I’ll take quality over quantity!

Good Luck!