Meds and O after lap


I was on a round of femara and ended up with a 56 day cycle (obviously no ovulation) so I went back to clomid because I’ve ovulated previously on clomid. No ovulation on clomid this far more than halfway through a “normal” cycle.

I was ovulating fine before surgery could it be possible that I haven’t healed yet or got damage during surgery to my ovaries. Thanks-Hopeful86:grouphug:


Well I think my PCOS is at it again because looked this morning and LH sticks both had evap lines which has happened and a positive ovulation. So now we bd for about 4 more days in all and wait :pray: :preg: cd16 so will contiunue :dance: 24,26,28 because we do Every other day due to male issues :cross: :bfp: