Melatonin before IVF causing period to be late?


Wondering if anyone has experienced irregular menstrual cycles after starting melatonin? I’ve been taking 1mg in advance our next IVF cycle, and now AF is a couple of days late - throwing off my IVF calendar, of course! (BTW, it’s VERY unlikely that I would be pregnant naturally.)


I would doubt that it is the melatonin - especially a low dose like 1mg. I am on it (3mg) but my cycle is messed up because I had a chemical pregnancy.


if you are in long protocol, it is possible that your AF will be few days later.
i used melatonin 3mg for 3 months and ma AF came regular


Melatonin did not delay my cycle at all and like the other posters said I was also on 3 mg.