Just wondering if anyone out there is taking melatonin. My new RE has prescribed 4mg every night with the hope of improving my egg quality.
The problem is every day I feel so tired like I have jet lag and sometimes this is accompanied with a dull head ache.
Has anyone had success using melatonin or any feedback???


My RE also recommended Melatonin for me for egg quality but it made me too sleepy. I didn’t take it and if you look at my signature, I only ended up with 2 normal embryos at Day 6. I always wonder that if I had taken Melatonin, I would have ended up with more good quality embryos. My opinion is to do everything you can so that you don’t have regrets. If you don’t take the melatonin, will you second guess your decision not to? I have regretted it and wish I just took it and dealt with the grogginess I had with it. I don’t know if it would have helped, but at least I wouldn’t have regrets =(


Thanks for your advice. I spoke to my RE and she said I could drop the dose but after speaking to DH and now your comment I think I will just tough it out! I don’t want any regrets either especially as this is a new RE for us and ivf 4! Good luck with your journey x


Make sure you are taking the melatonin early enough at night. It will make you drowsy as your body naturally releases melatonin at night for sleep anyways. I usually take it about 8pm or so and I’m usually ready for bed by 10pm. Just gauge how it affects you and take it a little earlier/later to see if it helps with the morning drowsiness. Hope that helps!