Memorial Ideas


After we lost Bailey last year I started looking for memorial ideas. I didn’t have pictures to look at or a grave to visit, so I needed something tangible, but since I was out of work for several weeks on bed rest during our ordeal I couldn’t afford to spend much.

I want to share three of the sites I found really helpful. Has anyone else found options they found helpful?

Bailey’s Light - Bailey’s Light - Home
she makes memorial jewelry with the baby’s birthstone and you have the option of adding a name on the back. They’re very simple but she doesn’t ask for much, its by donation.

Molly Bears - Molly Bears - Home
she makes weighted teddy bears that match your baby’s weight. They only open up the order form one day a week so make sure to set your calendar ahead of time.

Gone Too Soon - GoneTooSoon - Create a free online memorial / obituary as a lasting tribute |
This site is pretty cool, you can set up a memorial website for any lost loved one. In our digital world it seems like a great idea, but obviously not as tangible.

These three were my favorites but I’d love to hear about others. We can help each other find the next step on this long journey of healing.


Yeah, those are really great ideas! :clap:
Thanks for sharing…

In my opinion, it’s truly useful coz not only for you to heal your own pains, but it can also help many others else to deal with their problems.

Have a nice Sunday!
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