Men often think that your partner is mostly having trouble having children


Men often think that your partner is mostly having trouble having children. However, in most cases men are the problem and a poor diet would be the root of all.So that then you say some foods that will help you combat your infertility problems.You may be interested:
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  1. Garlic:It contains a lot of vitamin B6 and selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant that prevents damage to the sperm and contributes to your manhood. Vitamin B6 helps to strengthen the immune system and is involved in hormonal regulation.
  2. Banana:It is a rich source of magnesium, vitamin A, B1, C and proteins, which are required for sperm production. In addition, bromelain contains favoring the activity of sex hormones.
  3. Avocado:It contains vitamin E which stimulates sperm motility and egg entrance. In addition, it is rich in folic acid and vitamin B6 to help optimize the function of sexual hormones.Be sure to read:
    4 food against male infertility4. Tomatoes:Many men who struggle with infertility have low levels of lycopene. Therefore, the tomatoes are highly recommended.
  4. Pumpkin Seeds:They are a source of zinc and omega-3, which encourages blood flow to the sexual organs and improve sexual function.


My boyfriend never blame for not being able to have children, i think I’m very lucky woman, he support me more than anyone.
But your article is very interesting and hope men on this forum understand it too. As I know pumpkin is very good for women reproductive health too.
I will put one more thing on this list - walking!


Thanks for sharing. A nice thing to read. Frankly speaking, my DH blamed himself from the very beginning though not knowing that was me. And even after we’ve got to know that the reason was in me - he didn’t seem to become calmer on this point. He’s a great worrier, sometimes even greater than me… And I’m so thankful for this. I’m so happy to have him by my side while we’re going through all this!! Holly x