Michelle Duggar


A few weeks ago some of us were discussing Michelle Duggar being pregnant with her 20th child and how angry that made many of us. Not sure if any of you heard but I just read that she had a miscarriage. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Just thought I would pass along the information.


Hi Chris ! She annoys me but I do feel bad for her.Nobody should have to go through that.


To tell you the truth…I dont feel sorry for her and her husband…AT ALL…we infertiles have been trying to have like “one” baby for YEARS…and thousands of dollars later not one child!..there is no way those kids can get what they need socially or psychologically by having to hardly get any attention among 19 others…really, what they are demonstrating…is purely irresponsible parenting…if all mothers did this…our Planet Would be finished…way way way overpopulated and wouldnt have a chance of survival…we are meant to have babies and families…not “litters” of children…Really" I dont feel sorry for them at all. God has spoken and “enough is enough”…


I feel sorry for anyone that has a loss like that, no matter how many children they have been blessed with. Having 19 children, I’m sure she’s had more than 1 miscarriage. This is probably the only one made public. There is a 1 in 4 change of miscarriage with a normal pregnancy. The older we get the gloomier that number gets. Do the math.


I feel so sorry for her and the family. Actually out of all 19 children, this is her 2nd miscarriage. They are VERY open with everything. It doesn’t matter if you have 19 children, 30 children, or 1 child… a loss is a loss and when you are going in to find out the gender but learn your baby has pass. Its hard. 2nd tri losses are super hard.


How do you NOT know you have had a 2nd trimester miscarriage?


[QUOTE=mandyrhea]How do you NOT know you have had a 2nd trimester miscarriage?[/QUOTE]

Since we don’t know the details, we don’t know if it happened within 24 hours of her scan or it happened weeks before. We will NOT know until/unless they make it public. Im sure we’ll learn more later. But for right now they are grieving their loss.


It does happen. Actually to my sister, and I’m willing to bet it was something similar for the Duggars. In my sister’s case, the baby was chromasomally abnormal—something that wouldn’t have been detected earlier. The day she went to find out the baby’s gender, they couldn’t find the heartbeat, which is exactly what happened with Michelle Duggar. There are no warning signs, and pregnancy progresses completely normally until the fetus reaches a critical developmental point that it can’t make b/c of its abnormalities. This can happen at any time during pregnancy; a friend of mine miscarried at 8 months.

And, not to scare anyone, but more than 1 in 1,000 pregnancies experience this. So it’s fairly common, just not discussed.