Micro IVF February, 2012


IUI #6 is a fail so our last effort will be micro iVF in Feb, 2012. Presently getting our blood work done, mandatory class at the RE and then :pray: :pray: :pray: this works to that most of the u/s, ER and ET will take place on my week off. Any advice, tips, or suggestions I’ll take them!!!

Presently taking: Co-Q 300 mg; Fish Oil X2; DHEA 75mg, Vit D, and a Prenatal

DH taking Carnatine and multi-vit


What class are you taking Im in the process of doing the same thing. Im getting my blood work done next week.


My RE has a mandatory class on ivf/injections and I think it is more of a FYI and overview plus they go over the costs. Being a RN I get to skip out of the info on the injections but am sure that I’ll continue to have lots of questions like everyone else. My DH had his bloodwork done yesterday and if insurance covers it like they are supposed to I’ll have mine before the end of the year:pray:
Planning the class either this month or in January and then CD1 or 2 baseline u/s and mock transfer and Femara CD3-7 and starting 450 follistim I think she said CD6 and another u/s CD11 (I think).

How about you…good luck and thanks for checking in.


Im having to switch RE so I dont have a plan of treatment yet. I go for my first apt. with my new RE on Jan. 26th. I think I will be using Gonal F. At least I hope anyway because I found a program to pay for my meds.


Keep me posted, I’d love a cycle buddy. I’ll do the same for you!


Thanks will do. Hopefully we will be preggo together as well.


I’d be very happy with that:cheer: