Micro/Mini IVF


10 years ago I had an ectopic, doc removed the ectopic and tube but the tube that I have left was described as “tortuous, wrapped around ovary, not sure if hydro”. I haven’t seen an RE yet but am starting the process of going through my insurance to get a referral but to me it sounds like I’m going to need to do IVF and during my research I came across Mini and Micro IVF’s which sound a lot better because they don’t use as much medications. My and hubby are both 28 but as far as his swimmers go or my FSH levels or anything else goes, I have no idea yet. I just wanted to know if anyone has done a mini or micro IVF and had any success with it? If you have, what is the clinic you went too? The clinics I’m looking at are SHER fertillity clinic, Infertility center of St Louis, Jacksonville Center for reproductive medicine, Advanced Reproductive specialist (same but diff clinic as jacksonville), Long Island IVF, New Hope Fertility, Cooper Institute. We’re pretty much looking all over the place. We obviously don’t want to spend as much for mini IVF as we would have to for traditional IVF and some places charge the same. I’m also comparing the medications that are used because I’ve read some really bad things about some of the meds that are used for IVF (Lupron mostly) so the medications that are used will help influence our decision, and then success rates. Yes, we’re young still but you still want the best chance possible. Finally my last question is that my tube was not diagnosed as being hydro but considering it’s not in good shape, it seems like it not being hydro is a long shot. So has anyone gotten pregnant and delivered with having a hydro tube? I’m just not sure if I should try and get the tube removed or not. I’d rather not go through surgery unless it will interfere with me getting pregnant. I’ve also read about people getting their hydro tube drained? Will getting my tube drained increase my chances to the same, as if I had it removed? I really just want to have the best chance at getting pregnant and don’t want to throw money away because even though mini/micro IVF is cheaper, it’s still money being spent. Any information anyone has on side effects of the medications being used would be great as well. Thank you! :slight_smile: