Mid-May IUI's


Anyone else getting ready for an IUI in mid May? My cd 3 appt is on Wed (Since April ended up being a big failure). I will be doing injectables this cycle but I’m not sure which kind yet. All I know is that I will start them on Wed and they’ll be once a day in the evening. My :af: has been a little goofy this month (Probably from all the meds and such) and I’m awfully crampy. That makes me nervous for the ultrasound on Wed…lol.

Anyway, I would have joined the May IUI thread but it is awfully busy already.


Each individual case is different and the way in which you prepare your body for IUI will depend on what type (if any) of infertility treatment you have been receiving prior to IUI. To get the right information for you, you must speak to your fertility doctor. In preparing your body for IUI, just as when trying to conceive naturally, good diet, a reasonable amount of exercise and a healthy lifestyle will boost your chances of success. You need to eat well and cut out smoking and alcohol, and reduce your caffeine intake. Needless to say, any use of illegal drugs should be stopped immediately. If you are on prescription medication of any kind, make sure that your IUI doctor knows about it. IUI can be a stressful experience. Many women feel they have a lot invested in a successful outcome and it’s hard for them not to worry. If this is you, don’t forget to keep doing the things in life that help you relax. Providing your IUI doctor has approved them. Try yoga, or meditation, or look for a support group online or in your local area. You might want to investigate alternative therapies such as acupuncture or herbal and nutritional supplements although these should always be discussed with your doctor first. Like the way I did in Bio tex.