Military- Fall 2013 IVF at Walter Reed.......anyone?


I’ve seen everyone else start a thread for cycles at Walter Reed…so I decided I would try one out.

My name’s Summer. My husband and I are doin’ the October/November cycle at Walter Reed. My husband’s in the Air Force and we’re currently stationed here at Aviano, Italy (Texas is HOME, though). This will be our first IVF. I was previously married for 7 years (7 LONG years…aka thank goodness we did NOT get pregnant) and him and I tried two rounds of IUI with Clomid, injections, and the HCG trigger shot. And btw, my ex-husband has a baby with his wife now…so I’m definitely the problem. My husband and I have been tryin’ for 3 years. And my ex and I tried 5 years…so a total of 8 whopping years of tryin’. I’m 32, btw. My husband’s gonna be 30 in September. The only thing they can come up with is that I may have “slight PCOS”…so they put me on Metformin “just in case”. I started BCPs (kinda ironic) yesterday for this upcoming IVF cycle. I’m lookin’ forward to hopefully finding more people goin’ through the same thing with me.:slight_smile: