Miscarriage at 7 weeks 4 days


Yesterday I went to the ER with severe bleeding and clotting. Then the cramps started. I was 7 weeks, 4 days pregnant. I went thru blood tests, two differnt types of u/s and then the waiting game. In the process of all my tests, I went to use the bathroom for the 10th time. The nurse wanted a urine sample, which I was having a hard time giving to her, since there was so much blood. Then I felt like I passed a huge clot. Since the toilet just has white and toliet paper in it, I looked down and there was something covered in blood (about the size of two peanuts in a peanut shell and a membrane around it with tissue. I had a gut feeling that this was my baby, I had never seen anything like that before. I used a specimen cup and scooped it up, then gave it to the nurse. I have heard they can do pathology testing on the embro or baby to see abnormalities. Has anybody else heard of this or had this done?

I am grieving my lose. My husband and I were so excited for this baby and we did everything right. Thank you all for your support and info.


Your story has moved me to tears. I’m so sorry! I can’t offer any insight, but sending love and support your way. :grouphug:


[FONT=Calibri]First off I’m sorry for the loss of your baby BIG HUG! I hope your DH can give you support and love during this difficult time. Sometimes we do everything right but that doesn’t mean the risk of miscarriage disappears. Miscarriages happen more often than women think. I’ve had my fair share of sadness. You are absolutely correct the DR can run a pathology test to determine if there were chromosome abnormities. I believe this can take 2-4 weeks. In the meantime rest, cry if you need to, but most of all find support to help you move forward. Miscarriages are a road block but not the end of the road. Chin up. [/FONT]