Missed miscarriage-- medication (cytotec)


Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering whether anyone out there has gone the medication route for a missed miscarriage (instead of “wait it out” or D+C). I had Asherman’s syndrome from a previous miscarriage, so I’m eager to avoid more surgery, but I’m pretty old so I don’t really want to lose even more time waiting for the m/c to happen naturally, especially since 2 previous missed m/c just held on for weeks and weeks.

If you have taken cytotec, could you share the protocol (dosage/timing)? I tried it on my last m/c, and it didn’t get rid of everything-- I still ended up needing a D+C. But my RE was also not very knowledgeable about it, and I think I could have done something like a second dose of the cytotec, but I’m just not sure: on websites I’ve read anything from a second dose 4 hours later to 14 days later! I’d love to hear firsthand from anyone who has used it.


I’m so sorry to hear you are experiencing another miscarriage. Sending warm hugs your way…:grouphug: In September I had to take cytotec and took 4 pills at night, and then 5 days later an ultrasound showed the miscarriage wasn’t complete. That night I took 4 more and that completed things. My OB said it’s common to have to do a second dose. I hope the medication works for you, and that you get the support you need emotionally as well. Good luck!


So sorry for your loss. I just had a D/C on Tuesday, so I know the feeling. My OB and me RE advised against the medication because women often have a D/C anyway. They offered it to me and said it was my right if I wanted to take it, but explained that it might prolong my time (which is what my main concern was). So I opted for the D/C and my appointment is next Monday (2 weeks later) to do an ultrasound and check on everything!! Sounds like a double dose might work. Again, so sorry for your loss, and I ill be thinking of you. :grouphug:


First of all, I’m so sorry for everyone’s losses. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced using cytotech with 3 pregnancies including my recent induction in the hospital. For the first two losses, I was given a dose of medication placed on the cervix at my RE’s office followed by an oral dose 8 hours later. The first time it only took one time for the miscarriage to complete and the second time it I had to go back a week later for a repeat. In the hospital it took two large doses administered on the cervix for me to deliver. I have never been required to have an D&C, but I respond very well to the medication (not true for everyone). Be prepared to feel feverish and get the chills as a side effect. This has happened to me each time. You should get a script for pain meds along with it (if not definitely ask for one) and that makes the side effects much more bearable. Nausea is also a very common side effect. My RE prescribes anti-nausea meds with it as well. Hope this info is helpful for you :grouphug: