Missing your Fertility Community Friends?


I’ve heard some of you mention that you are missing some of your old friends from here. We feel bad it took us so long to get the site going again and we’d love to help gather everyone back! If you have contact information, or are friends on social media, please reach out to others and tell them that we miss them. If you don’t have contact information, but remember usernames, I will gladly forward messages to their email from you. Just send them my way and let me know how I can help!

-Clove :slight_smile:


Many of my friends are really missing the chat room that used to exist on the previous website. Any plans to have a chat room on this one?


Essemkay, yes this is “phase 1” and we will be getting a chat room in the future (hopefully sooner than later). By the way, phase 2 will be worked on [I]while this site remains up and going[/I]. :slight_smile:


I’ve been following freeswim on her blog, minetocommand.blogspot.com, where she’s still active if people are interested. :.)


Oh, good to know! I will send a message to her. Thank you!

Anyone else?