mock ET?


Is it bad that my clinic isn’t doing a mock ET? Is this commonly standard procedure? Just wondering if it will make a difference in the success rate.


I had mine done last month and it cramped like an HSG, but the cramping didn’t last as long as it did with the HSG.

I guess it helps with the success rate, in that they know if your uterus is tilted or off to the side, and helps them figure out how far in they need to go. My RE kept refering to it as “uterine mapping”. While she was rooting around down South, I expected her to say, “Hmm, I knew I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque.”


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I’ve had two done for this cycle. I’m going to a clinic out of state, and I had one done at my local clinic along with the saline US. Then when I went to my IVF clinic they did it again.

My impression: I think the name is sort of deceptive. It makes you think there’s some actual action going on, whereas I found it to be less than an IUI. Basically run the catheter in, note the depth, take it back out (not even squirting anything in there while they’re there). It was literally maybe two minutes each time. I guess there are a couple of catheter types and they want to know if they need to use one or the other, or if there are any issues to be aware of. I personally was like, really? That was it? That’s the “mock transfer”? I thought there would be some element of pretend transfer to it. Why not just call it a catheter check?

I see that you’ve done a few IUIs. If you are going to the same clinic that did your IUIs that may be why they’re not doing it. They probably already know how easy/difficult it is to get the catheter in there, as well as your uterine depth.


I was worried initially that my clinic did not do them. They then explained during ET that they basically do it at that time. She first had some sort of blank that she got into the right position after some manuevering, then used that device to insert whatever was being used to transfer the embryos. Then the first thing was removed. So basically, she did it a minute before the transfer. Sorry my explanation is not so great, but it made sense to me at the time. Their success rates are high and it worked for me the first time. Good luck.


I did IVF many times , the only time that was successful were the times they did this before the actual ET .
Good luck