Modified natural IVF 2WW


:bsv: this is our first cycle, we had 1 embie transfered, it was a 3 day 8 cell embie grade “A-”. This 2ww is awful ! I had some cramping on the 3rd day after transfer. Now, just praying and waiting. :cross: :bsv:


:pray: GOOD LUCK:cross:


Thank you

Thanks for the good luck wish. I don’t know if the cramping I’m feeling is a good thing or not. I’m really tired, and moody, but could be PMS, I just don’t know. This waiting is killing me!!:cross: :pray:


Modified natural IVF

3/29/13 Took a HPT :bfp: :cheer: :cheer: :grouphug:
I’m so Happy!! :dance:
4/1/13 1st BETA


[quote=Jmarvsgrl]3/29/13 Took a HPT :bfp: :cheer: :cheer: :grouphug:
I’m so Happy!! :dance:
4/1/13 1st BETA[/quote]


What exactly is a modified natural ivf? Do they just use the one egg that you produce?


Modified natural IVF

Modified natural IVF is just like traditional IVF, except they don’t use as many mess to help you produce eggs. You use clomid, or letrazol. They then retrieve the eggs you produce. Usually 1-2 eggs, and fertilize and transfer as you would with traditional IVF. Hope this helps.


[QUOTE=Jmarvsgrl]3/29/13 Took a HPT :bfp: :cheer: :cheer: :grouphug:
I’m so Happy!! :dance:
4/1/13 1st BETA:634!!!:clap: :clap: :bfp: :preg: