Moms of Multiples when did you really start to "feel it" during pregnancy?


Hi All -

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with twins. I am one of five pregnant women at work (I teach elementary…lots of women…and our staff is young). The five of us range between 32 weeks to 18 weeks. I am right in the middle as far as how far along I am. But I have to say…I feel like I’m “feeling it” the most. I have a pulled muscle in my groin (caused by the pregnancy) that makes it difficult to walk (or stand, or sleep or sit). I am hobbling around…and I feel like all the four of them are doing great…all singleton pregnancies.

So - just wondering when you really starting feeling it with multiples? When did it get really hard to be on your feet?

I am hoping to make it at work till 33 weeks. I am usually on my feet all day. Did most of you still feel able at 33 weeks?

Did anyone use a maternity belt or any other “secret” to make you more comfortable in your daily life/work, etc.

Thanks! Summer


I had a lot of leg pain early on, probably around 14 weeks that made it uncomfortable to move around. I’d say about 21-22 weeks is when daily chores were harder to do and sitting all day at work was unbearable. I feel like I really ‘popped’ around 23 weeks, but then again, I didn’t make it much farther to compare to.


I am also a teacher! It was not so easy I must say… I delivered my twins at 38 weeks on Oct. 6th and I stopped working on Sept. 16th so about 35weeks or so. I just couldn’t work anymore than that. I had all summer off to take it easy so thats probably why I lasted so long but the last month was probably the hardest. I could hardly walk because I was so swollen and none of my clothes fit! Good Luck! you can make it =)


I think the difficulties became gradual for me. The back pain has been the toughest. It started coming on during the early part of the 2nd trimester but the pain didn’t get bad then until the end of the day. Now, the pain starts an hour or so after getting out of bed. I was out just part of the day Black Friday doing baby-related shopping and I was in serious pain by the time I got home. I’ve decided that I’ll do what I can not to leave the house unless necessary. Fortunately, I’m not working at the moment and can spend time laying on the couch or in bed (not fun, but necessary). I can do trips to the doctor and quick trips to the grocery store and I can still do housework but have to listen to my signals and lay down if I get too tired.

If you’re feeling really bad, you might see if your doctor can write a letter to your school district and maybe you can go on short-term disability. Also, some states and/or employers will give you off an extra two weeks after delivery if you require a c-section, which is often the case with multiples. However, you’ll have to check the employment rules or ask about it because it might not be automatic.


I think i really started feeling it right around where you are, my 3 year old made it even harder!! I had lots of bad back pain and sat in my daughters blow up pool everyday, the summer hear was terrible and made me very swollen. I worked all the way up to the day before i delivered, and I delivered at 37 weeks on the dot, but it was not easy at all. Good luck to you!!